To the Tai Chi palace.

Li Siyu nodded without much persuasion. He was also an adult. He knew it well. On New Year\’s Eve, everyone didn\’t set off firecrackers. It was in short supply and there was no place to buy it. Although she had a lot of space, it was inconvenient to take it out because other people didn\’t set it off. During the new year, only a few firecrackers could be heard. Everyone ate very well during the new year, twins My nephew has gone back to the countryside for the new year. Everyone else is here for the new year. Everyone is very lively. There are meat and vegetables, and people like the white and fat dumplings. Li Siyu is particularly satisfied when he looks at the snowflakes outside and eats dumplings filled with pork and green onions. Although he is not as rich in materials as later generations, he is also very happy. He has a family, an object, and a family She has a new goal to strive for. Her new year\’s wish is very simple. She will live every day in the future safely and smoothly. On the first day of the new year, Li Siyu followed Lin Cheng to his eldest brother\’s house with gifts. Taking advantage of being at home, she happened to visit a relative and will return to Baicheng in a few days. \”Eldest brother, eldest sister-in-law.\” Lin Cheng looked at Lin Yan sitting on the sofa and nodded. Li Siyu also called big brother, because isn\’t that close? \”Big brother, sister-in-law.\” she said hello with a smile. Lin\’s sister-in-law smiled and nodded, looking at Li Siyu very satisfied. She\’s not a very boastful person, but she looks very down-to-earth, not to mention the person chosen by her uncle? \”Sit down quickly.\” She said hello. Lin Yan\’s family has two children, a daughter and a son. The eldest daughter is ten years old and the youngest son is eight years old. Li Siyu took a lot of white rabbit milk candy, grabbed two and gave them to the two children. The two children are not afraid of birth. They took the candy with a smile and politely said thank you. Li Siyu can\’t help but sigh that Lin Yan\’s education is still very good, otherwise ordinary people The children at home are very afraid of strangers. Lin Yan didn\’t see Li Siyu for the first time. They talked about the current situation and didn\’t speak again.


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