Although every day for some unknown reason, he had to hate himself, but he tried to eat faster or stay away from him several times, which made the man more and more unhappy with himself.

\”There is oil smoke here.\” Li Siyu reminded Liu Chengxue when he saw Liu Chengxue coming in. Liu Chengxue said indifferently, \”I don\’t go into the kitchen at home. What else can I help you?\” she looked at the prepared dishes and couldn\’t help staring. \”How can you make so many delicious food.\” how much does it cost? Although reading is for food and housing, she also wants to buy other things. Li Siyu looked at her distressed appearance and said with a smile, \”my eldest brother brought it yesterday. Don\’t be polite to me. This meal is to invite you. I don\’t know when I can come back in the future.\” chapter 224 before leaving, Liu Chengxue didn\’t say more and did everything. No matter how much she said, it seemed that she was afraid Li Siyu couldn\’t afford it. As soon as the food was put on the table, the door outside was knocked. \”Who?\” Peng lingman asked Li Siyu with a puzzled look. \”You\’ll know later.\” she smiled and went to open the door. When Lin Cheng appeared in the yard, Peng lingman and Liu Chengxue opened their mouths in surprise. \”Deputy group leader Lin?\” Liu Chengxue looked at them suspiciously. How did he come? Usually I don\’t see Li Siyu coming and going with Lin Cheng. How could she appear in her house. Peng lingman and Liu Chengxue looked at each other and saw the surprise in each other\’s eyes. Li Siyu said generously, \”this is my object, Lincheng. Don\’t I introduce it?\” \”hello.\” Lincheng looked at Li Siyu happily. Object, listen? \”My God.\” Peng lingman exclaimed, \”when did you determine the object relationship? Why didn\’t you mention it?\” she looked at Li Siyu in surprise. \”You are too much of a show. You never heard a few words in your usual life.\” Liu make complaints about the reaction. Li Siyu smiled and said, \”we have been together for half a year. We didn\’t expect to work together here. You know what happened to team leader Zhou, so we have always kept a distance.\”


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