As soon as Mu Zhao entered the room, he saw the man\’s drooping head and white neck. He looked away and sat directly at the farthest place from Shen Ling. However, in this direction, they can sit opposite each other.

Secretary Qiu didn\’t come back from work until the afternoon, but it didn\’t affect Li Siyu\’s work. She packed up and went downstairs. On the way, she met Peng lingman who was going out. \”Hey, Secretary Li, wait.\” she hurried over. \”What\’s the matter? Secretary Peng.\” Li Siyu looked at her gossip face. This woman was really enough and surprised at first. Peng lingman said with a smile, \”why, don\’t you wonder where Secretary Qiu went this afternoon?\” her face, you ask me, I know, which makes Li Siyu cry and laugh. \”HMM.\” Li Siyu held back his smile and asked positively, \”where has he gone?\” it fulfilled your wish, woman. Peng lingman saw that there were no people around him, and walked down the sidewalk: \”he went to our secretary\’s office and asked Xing Chen to go out, but he didn\’t come back.\” did he leave during working hours? Capable people can really do whatever they want. \”Oh\” Li Siyu answered and didn\’t ask again. Seeing that she was not interested, Peng lingman said, \”your article put a lot of pressure on Secretary Qiu. I didn\’t expect you to be so capable.\” Li Siyu: sister\’s ability is great. Who do you despise? Peng lingman didn\’t speak again. Seeing Li Siyu, he didn\’t pay attention to Secretary Qiu. What a crazy woman, she couldn\’t help sighing. Li Siyu ignored Peng lingman\’s gossip psychology. In her opinion, Secretary Qiu himself was the close secretary of the vice mayor and took care of many things. If he goes to the town construction group, what should the vice mayor do? So, he is tangled with this. Li Siyu felt that Secretary Qiu should not tangle with these. After all, he is next to Vice Mayor Cao. After that, the road will be smooth. There is no need to go below. Xing Chen on the other side thinks so, so he has been enlightening Secretary Qiu. \”I think you\’ve lost your eyes. We don\’t study this professionally. What do we have to go in and pull?\” Xing Chen glanced at Secretary Qiu, with some helplessness in his eyes. How can a shrewd person be confused in this regard? It really puzzled him. Secretary Qiu also didn\’t know what was wrong with him. At this time, when he heard Xing Chen\’s words, his heart was also relaxed.


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