Unexpectedly, Shen Ling then said, thank you, Grandpa Li. From the last flower feast to this time, Shen Ling has received a lot of help from Grandpa Li. She is very grateful.

Li Siyu: how much do you have? I\’m afraid you have no money. →_ → \”well, how many do you have?\” Gao Yuan asked tentatively, but he still didn\’t understand Li Siyu\’s meaning. She smiled and said, \”is a hundred kilograms of white flour enough?\” I\’m afraid you can\’t eat too much. A hundred catties of white flour?! Gao Yuan was stunned, and then looked at her in surprise, \”is there really a hundred kilograms of white flour?\” white flour is a good thing, fine grain. Take it out for half of coarse grain, then save some to eat, and then sell some. Li Siyu nodded, \”well, yes, many have just come out. If you want, you can go to my house tomorrow.\” in two days, their family moved away. It\’s not convenient to get food at that time. \”OK, OK, I\’ll go tomorrow.\” Gaoyuan immediately agreed with a smile. It was a worthwhile trip. I had delicious food and bought rations. Now he doesn\’t regret being unhappy with Li Jian, because Li Siyu is much better than Li Jian. Whether you are generous or more capable, you feel more comfortable in life. After dinner, Li Siyu watched Gao Yuan go, which led Li Chengcai home. On the way, Li Chengcai was puzzled, \”sister-in-law, we don\’t have so much white flour.\” he helped the old lady cook every day, so he knew how much food there was at home. He looked at more than ten kilograms of white flour this morning. What did my sister-in-law say that there were still 100 Jin of white flour at home? When Li Siyu heard what he said, he remembered. Every time she sells goods, she takes them out now and doesn\’t sell them at home. She forgets it. \”Oh, it will arrive tomorrow. I didn\’t tell you.\” Li Siyu lied, his face not red and his heart not jumping. I can\’t let you grasp the handle.


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