However, the sudden announcement made her get up immediately, put on my clothes quickly, and I\’m going out now.

The hand is like wind and thunder. With the blood flowing, the crystal on Fang Yang\’s left shoulder had disappeared without a trace. As Sima Xiangshan approached him, Fang Yang\’s Xuanqi moved and the nine palace sword in his hand was cut off. This sword ratio is completely different from the previous one. It is as bright as the sun. The blood gradually came to the blade, and the sharp blade was stained with red light, which was the function of the power of the fairy. Although Fang Yang can\’t directly use the power of the fairy, he can make the power of the fairy attach to the blade. A sword swept, and it filled the air in an instant. Sima Xiangshan didn\’t expect that Fang Yang had lifted the blockade of Jinglong power on his shoulder. In the face of this sudden sword, he was not prepared at all. His face suddenly changed and he exclaimed, but the palm strength in his hand had gushed out and couldn\’t shrink. He watched Fang Yang\’s sword blade stained with the power of the fairy pass by. The majestic palm strength was torn like a curtain. In the blink of an eye, it dissolved and disappeared one after another. However, the strength of this sword did not decay at all. It was raised high and cut down, and then it fell on Sima Xiangshan\’s body. A terrible howl sounded. The sharp sword light brightened Sima Xiangshan\’s cheeks. His face was pale, but he had no means to resist Fang Yang\’s sword. When the sword light swept, Sima Xiangshan was swallowed in an instant. Guanghua floats and fills the air. Fang Yang\’s heart moved and suddenly appeared a face that had long disappeared. When Wen ruohuo thought of the master who had brought great changes to his life, especially his words before his death, Fang Yang sighed and his wrist trembled slightly. The sword light was not completely sealed on Sima Xiangshan, but left a way to live. Boom. Half of Sima Xiangshan\’s body was almost completely broken. Seeing that he was half dead, Fang Yang\’s heart moved. As soon as he bit the tip of his tongue, he vomited a breath of blood essence and sprayed it on Sima Xiangshan\’s almost dead body. Then, he saw Sima Xiangshan\’s flesh and blood recover quickly. A moment later, his body condensed again. \”Hoo Hoo\” Sima Xiangshan was still in shock and gasped heavily.


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