Yes, miss. Dong\’Er, who looked worried on the side of the waiter, immediately said with great joy. I don\’t know why the miss has a bad appetite these days, which makes her worry. Now she is very happy to see that she has an appetite again.

Now that he has arrived here, Fang Yang has nothing to hide. He readily replied: \”I feel that the black dragon\’s blood has some reaction to the smell of evil spirits. Maybe I can break the black dragon\’s blood by this thing, so I came here to try.\” suddenly, several people were surprised. \”Where on earth is the black pond? Why haven\’t I seen it yet?\” huofei looked around and wanted to help Fang Yang find it. Fang Yang\’s spirit moved and was completely shrouded in the valley. His eyes suddenly lit up, the wind blew under his feet, and he ran out from a distance. \”Hey! Fang Yang, wait for us.\” huofei shouted, and several people followed. Fang Yang crossed half of the valley. When he waited to stop, he had come to a shoal. The surface of the shoal has sunk more than a foot. The ground is completely black, which has dried up. In the center of the shoal, there is a small well. \”This is it!\” Fang Yang cheered. When his soul scanned, he could clearly feel the strong evil spirit contained here, which was obviously the source of evil. The intensity of the evil spirit here is even several times higher than that of the black tower. The fire fan several people rushed to Fang Yang\’s side. Fang Yang suddenly raised his hand and stopped them: \”don\’t come here. The evil spirit gas here has been soaked in the soil and can\’t be eliminated. You can\’t eat it. Once you get too close, it\’s easy to be affected by the evil spirit gas. At that time, you\’ll be in trouble.\” after a few people had a meal, they heard what Fang Yang said, There is also some fear on the face. \”Well, that well is the place where the black wild animals buried their bones.\” heimu pointed to Heijing and said. Fang Yang said, \”if you stay here, I\’ll go in and have a look.\” hearing that Fang Yang was going in, heimu was anxious: \”It\’s very dangerous inside! Don\’t go there. In those days, the black tower just took a sip of the black pool water and became this evil spirit. If you go deep in person, it\’s good! Even if the black pool water doesn\’t exist now, there will be no reduction in the danger level of the pool water entering the ground!\” I\’m fine. Don\’t worry. \” Fang Yang said that he didn\’t give him the chance to continue persuasion and just floated in. Heimu\’s face turned white. The four of the fire fans also looked tense. No wonder they were so. After contacting so many evil spirits, Fang Yang knew that this place was the source of those fierce evil spirits. He naturally felt a sense of fear and fear in his heart. In order to break through In addition to the black dragon\’s blood in his body, he couldn\’t care too much. Moreover, his spirit was strong. Looking around, he found that the evil spirit here was still extremely strong, but it didn\’t hurt him much. What made Fang Yang more determined was to know the restlessness of the black dragon\’s blood in the sea. Fang Yang felt the silent black dragon\’s blood in his body when he first entered this mountain depression With some changes, the closer to the black pool, the more restless the black dragon\’s blood became. When Fang Yang really entered it, the black dragon\’s blood seemed to boil and trembled quickly. This reaction was definitely not affinity, but more like the tension and readiness of the opponent.


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