Thinking that Shen Ling had already seen her majesty, she was really a strong enemy. Cheng he said jealously, I heard that your loyal Marquis house can come to the flower feast this time, which is also allowed by your majesty.

The dragon soul marries the body. Fortunately, no tianmeng dares to take such a risky experiment. The dragon is the most powerful species in heaven and earth. The dragon soul is the essence of the dragon and the source of power. They even try to marry the dragon soul into the human body. They think too much of the bearing capacity of the human body. Although it is said that the dragon soul of this keel must be only incomplete, which is different from the real dragon soul, but Since the power of the dragon soul is there, it must be powerful. Once the grafting fails, the only thing waiting for Xin Guihua is to explode and die like the previous disciple! Xin Guihua\’s body trembles and is firmly bound between the artifacts. The sound of howling is not loud because of the isolation of the artifacts, but he can see the distortion on his face and know whether he is bearing it What kind of pain. Fang Yang clenched his fist and wanted to destroy it directly, but with Hong Nanxing\’s words in front of him, he really didn\’t dare to take risks. Under the attention of the spirit, he could clearly feel the change of the state of Xin Guihua. The dragon soul was slowly entangled with his spirit, and two distinct soul forces were winding around, like hemp flowers, twisting and winding Gradually blend together. At the beginning, there was no danger, and there was no rejection reaction between the divine soul and the dragon soul, but with the gradual integration, it gradually changed a little. If you want to integrate the dragon soul and the divine soul perfectly, you must keep the two above a balance point, but the dragon soul is strong. Even if the Dharma array is weakened, it deliberately reduces the dragon soul However, the spirit of Xin Guihua can hardly bear the force of the dragon. Once the dragon soul is too strong, it will inevitably make the dragon soul devour the spirit. In the end, even if the warrior lives, the spirit will fall out, leaving only the dragon soul. Finally, Fang Yang can only become a monster. Seeing such a trend, Fang Yang is naturally unbearable. He bites his teeth and steps in front of the artifacts. \”What are you doing? Didn\’t you say you can\’t touch it?\” Hong Nanxing was startled and shouted quickly. Fang Yang didn\’t care about anything. He grabbed the door leaf with his right hand, and the door leaf was pulled out with a bang. The dragon\’s power spread, and a dragon roar was faintly transmitted from it. Hong Nanxing was stunned: is this guy crazy? Regardless of his friend\’s life? He didn\’t tell a lie and forced interruption, which would make the dragon soul In the end, it must be the fate of the dragon\’s soul. Needless to say, it was discovered by Fang Yang\’s spirit exploration. But if he didn\’t do anything, Xin Guihua would also die. He couldn\’t wait to die. When he opened the door, Fang Yang\’s spirit moved and directly contacted the two entangled spirits. Since Xin Guihua\’s spirit power is limited, so we should rely on ourselves to make up for it and help him get through this level! As soon as Fang Yang\’s spirit fluttered into it, he suddenly felt a burst of soul power surging out, and the Dragon roared in bursts, which seemed to echo in his mind. It was the dragon soul.


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