They walked out step by step.

Seeing such a scene really surprised everyone around. Tianjun was no exception. He opened his mouth and looked at Fang Yang as if he saw a monster. The boy used this sword before? Although it still won\’t cause any real damage to the emperor, the power of this sword is much stronger than the stream of killing. What\’s the matter with this boy? It\’s clear that he was just an ordinary martial artist before. How can his kung fu be improved so much in the blink of an eye. The emperor doesn\’t understand, and the emperor doesn\’t understand. He was hurt by the sword wound himself, and his face was even more frightened, but after the shock, he was full of killing intention: \”no, it\’s impossible!! how can this be so? How can your sword hurt me?\” he was angry, his eyes stared round at Fang Yang, and his face was very angry: \”all this is false, I\’ll kill you now!!\” the Emperor Ming refused to admit defeat and turned his body, The evil spirit of the black cloud driving the canopy came to Fang Yang again. The black cloud was filled and the evil spirit gushed. Under this rush, the Emperor Ming really used his own strength, which shows the confidence to kill Fang Yang. But Fang Yang is not a person waiting to die. The nine palace sword has been cut out one after another. His face was ordinary and his eyes were shining. The nine palace sword turned into countless sword lights under the vibration of Fang Yang\’s wrist. It was the purest sword power. In the previous vast white world, Fang Yang has made clear the essence of his Kendo and has his own direction, so he will never be confused again. The sword emperor\’s Kendo is sharp, and Fang Yang\’s Kendo is the unity of ten thousand swords! Whether it is the sword intention of the main killer or the sword intention of the main defense, all are their own swords. Being able to integrate all the sword intentions into their own swords is Fang Yang\’s kendo. He successfully integrated the different sword meanings he learned all the way into one sword. Although it is the power of one sword, it contains the meaning of thousands of swords. Naturally, it is not ordinary. A thousand swords are like a sword, one sword turns into a thousand swords! Seeing the infinite evil spirit of the Emperor Ming surging, Fang Yang cut off with a sword. There was no need for redundant attacks. The previously indestructible black cloud evil Qi for Fang Yang was hard to have much defense under the horizontal cutting of the blade. The sword light swept away and the black clouds were cut off. Under Fang Yang\’s nine palace sword, the dark clouds and evil Qi around the Emperor Ming also decreased again and again. With one step, he approached the Emperor Ming. The Emperor Ming shouted angrily, \”it seems that you have improved a little, but so what! Even the sword emperor and the emperor of heaven have only the right to die in front of me, not to mention you!\” under the roar, the Emperor Ming no longer hesitated. He saw that the dark clouds and evil Qi around him have reached the extreme. The evil Qi pulled into the sky and absorbed the dark clouds and evil Qi all over the sky, The black awn flows and blesses the body quickly.


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