At this time, Shen Ling was relieved, and her heart finally changed. With this layer of credit, the original work strangled by Emperor Cheng Yuan was finally far away from herself.

Wen ruohuo had a plain expression. After listening to Fang Yang\’s words, he suddenly chuckled. It was clear that it was a man\’s face, but the smiling posture was charming, with a soft and waxy voice. \”Sure enough, my mind is much calmer and calmer than that of ordinary people. I am clearly the most worried person in your heart at this time. Ordinary people will be greatly moved when they see each other\’s death and rebirth. Unexpectedly, you will notice some small details? I don\’t know whether you are naturally suspicious or too calm?\” Wen ruohuo\’s figure seems to fluctuate like the water. After a while, Wen ruohuo disappeared and was replaced by a beautiful woman with beautiful cheeks and graceful figure. The woman\’s face is like peach blossom. Her eyes are shining and have the temptation to pay back. The clothes she wears are exposed, revealing a huge waist and a large area Mutton fat jade muscle. \”Thousand faced evil fox!\” Fang Yang Shen shouted. Those who can change their body shape and breath at will and basically have no flaws exposed must be the thousand faced evil fox among the Eight Generals! The thousand faced evil fox has the lowest strength among the Eight Generals, but is proficient in the art of change. It is specialized in mixing with others and separating from the inside. It is difficult to distinguish between true and false. \”Cluck, it\’s me. What a handsome little brother, are you Fang Yang?\” The evil fox with thousands of faces flirts with her head, her red lips slightly open, and her fragrant tongue licks the cherry lips, with a sense of wanton charm. If ordinary martial artists are here, they may not be able to resist such charm. However, Fang Yang\’s eyebrows are clear, and although the Dragon eye pupil has not been opened, the dragon eyes enter the body, clear the heart and clear the eyes, which can not be disturbed by such charm. \”Your skill of change is powerful, but don\’t forget that I have the mark of the emperor of the underworld in my body.\” Fang Yang sneered. \”The only advantage of the emperor of the underworld\’s pattern branding the spirit is that it can make me feel the evil spirit. You have changed your appearance and mysterious Qi, but you can\’t change the smell of shame.\” The thousand faced demon fox was stunned. His eyes were sharp and long like animal pupils, quite ferocious, and his fangs were exposed: \”what a little devil, smart teeth. But let you know what you can do! You want to escape when you enter the mouth of evil hunger!\” \”escape? No need, as long as I break the door of evil hunger.\” Fang Yang said. The thousand faced demon fox sneered: \”Break open? You can\’t even find it!\” \”just didn\’t find it, but now you\’ve found it.\” Fang Yang stood quietly, and a touch of sword consciousness slowly flowed out around the nine palace sword. \”Find it? Where did you find it?\” The tone of the thousand faced evil fox has weakened a lot. Fang Yang smiled, but his eyes were cold. As soon as he stepped on his feet, he said coldly, \”the gate of life is on you!\” as soon as the voice fell, the nine palace sword in Fang Yang\’s hand cut straight out. Hiss! The sword Qi swarmed and purple broke through. A sharp light passed in a flash and pierced the thousand faced evil fox in an instant.


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