But this idea is enough to solve their problems these days.

\”Where is Fang Yang?!\” the roar spread, followed by a divine spirit sweep, which swept all over Fang Yang in an instant. Then he felt a fierce divine spirit locked on him. Fang Yang\’s heart warned for a lifetime, and a huge fist force condensed from a mysterious gas in the air crashed down. This fist was as powerful as a mountain and sea. Fang Yang\’s complexion changed slightly. He noticed the power of this attack. He immediately ignored the Ju Luo in front of him, pulled his body, took the fire step and withdrew from the hundred steps. Luo Xiaoyan in the distance also changed slightly. He noticed that there was experience between the fist strength. The jade hand moved and shrouded Luo Xiaoyu. Boom! The fist force hit the bottom of the sea heavily, and a violent spirit blew away. I saw that the earth and rock under me dissolved layer by layer. Under the fist force of this fist, several big demons swaying here had no flesh and blood. In the whole spacious seabed, a huge pit like a square was blown out. When you look carefully, it still shows the shadow of a huge fist. The tiger and pig Ju Luo, who was shouting madly here, was also flesh and blood into mud. He died miserably here and was hit with a fist. Everyone around him was frightened and half silent. Fang Yang looked cold and looked up. This fist strength is obviously aimed at himself. If he reacts a little slowly and is affected by this fist strength, I\’m afraid he can\’t be stopped by a slight injury. After the fist strength, the figure ran through the air and fell down at a gallop. He was like a grenade crashing into the bottom of the sea, and the earthquake mud collapsed. Fang Yang glanced at the man. As the man\’s figure revealed, he appeared to be a man in his thirties. The man\’s face was fierce and his body was filled with a violent mysterious spirit. The most significant thing was that his fists contained thunder and crackling. \”Divine fist Leighton!\” someone around recognized this man\’s identity and shouted in an uproar. \”Leighton, the divine fist of the original 100 dragon list? How could he be here?\” \”needless to say, he must have come for Fang Yang. Leighton used to be the top 100 dragon list, but with Fang Yang\’s leap, he was squeezed out of the top 100. Naturally, he was angry.\” \”I see. Leighton, the divine fist, is a real hundred strong and extremely fierce. He is much stronger than Dong Hai and Ju Luo. Some of them look good when he comes here in person this time.\”


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