The water is neither sweet nor salty. It\’s not good to drink. It\’s better to drink boiled water.

After the ghost insects lost two-thirds of their lives, the ground suddenly vibrated. Then they saw the water surging in the black pool three miles away, and suddenly a huge vortex appeared. The vortex seemed to absorb all things in the world, which was frightening. Roar!! between the vortices, a violent roar rang through. The roar was like thunder, clearly ringing through everyone\’s ears At the same time, the faces of the people changed slightly. They only felt that there was supreme dignity between the roars, suppressed their mind, and their blood surged. \”The Dragon seed is coming out!\” The wolf shadow on Li jackal\’s body flashed and killed more than a dozen ghosts and insects. However, there was fear behind him and he looked into the black pool. After the roar, the vibration on the ground became more and more intense. Then, with a bang, he saw a black shadow protruding from the center of the vortex. At a glance, he stood tall like a black pillar in the sky. Once it was erected, it was enough It\’s ten feet high. After the people shook their heads, they were able to see clearly on the black figure. It\’s a huge black snake without scales. The black snake also has a dragon like appearance. Two small black horns grew on his forehead. His face is ferocious, his eyes stand up, his pupils are red, and his intention is killing. \”It\’s a black poisonous water dragon!\” Li jackal\’s complexion changed slightly. People also recognized the origin of this thing. Everyone was tense and looked like a great enemy. The black poisonous water dragon was the name of this dragon. It was the blood of the poisonous dragon. It was extremely strong. It not only had the physical strength of the dragon, but also had its own toxin enough to kill the early Yang realm. No wonder the cultivation achievements in the middle of the autumn early Yang realm failed The five dragon pond retreated. It turned out that it was the Dragon species in the pond. \”Only one came out? This is good news. Rush up and kill this water dragon first, and we can have a great advantage!\” Li jackal shouted. Everyone was excited. Two thirds of the ghost insects had died under the previous attack, which greatly reduced their threat. Although more than ten martial artists had also died in the battle, the loss was completely acceptable. \”The internal alchemy of black poison water dragon is rarely a spiritual treasure xuanbing that can be used without refining. Kill it and you will earn more!\” Li jackal\’s face was greedy. He looked coldly at the stone path and others on the other side, stared and said, \”you follow quickly!\” The surface of the stone path turned white. When he heard the speech, he could only bite his teeth and follow up. As soon as the black poisonous water dragon appeared, he glanced at the people. However, he became angry. As soon as he opened his mouth, he was full of evil spirit. Suddenly, a black torrent of evil water burst out of his mouth and rushed to his face. \”Be careful!\” Li jackal roared. He didn\’t dare to hold his hand. He saw a flash of brilliance in his hand and took out a black heavy hammer. The long rod of the heavy hammer was thin and thin. However, the hammer head was extremely huge and carved into the shape of a wolf. Under his mysterious breath, the wolf shape of the hammer head was alive, his mouth opened and closed, and his eyes showed fierce power. He grasped the hammer with both hands and waved it with force The Xuan Qi in front of me shook and turned into a strong black Qi.


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