What\’s the matter with this man? I saved him, but I paid him ten yuan in advance for his medical expenses. Why did anyone say to go!

At this point, Xing Yuting\’s sinister face flashed away: \”I won\’t lose, absolutely not! Sun Manzi, let you try this move, and I\’ll see how you can resist it!\” he roared violently, and then a touch of gold light suddenly flew from the storage ring of his finger. The gold light in his hand expanded rapidly and turned into a huge golden axe. \”Five Ding opens the mountain!!\” Jin can\’s axe emits a fierce and domineering Xuanqi. Once it appears, the Xuanqi in the whole hall will quickly converge, and the light around it will be bright and fierce. \”Wuji mountain sect\’s secret treasure! Purple stripe xuanbing!\” \”it\’s the five Ding Kaishan? How could it be in his hand!\” \”this is a purple stripe xuanbing, which has always been the certificate of the sect leader. Has Xing Yuting been listed as the next generation of the Wuji mountain sect?\” everyone who saw this turned pale. There is no doubt that the purple stripe xuanbing is strong. They didn\’t expect to use these purple stripe xuanbing in Xing Yuting\’s hands. And it is at the critical juncture of this fierce battle to use xuanbing to crush people. Isn\’t it invincible? With Jin can\’s axe in hand, Xing Yuting\’s confidence increased greatly, and he smiled grimly. The huge axe in his hand crashed down. Under this split, it seems that endless airflow is rolling, the space collapses, and the power is just fierce and unstoppable. It seems that under this axe, all mountains and rocks will be chopped up, and all rivers will go retrograde. Boom! When the axe struck, the limitless God of war armor around sun Manzi was instantly smashed. The fierce force directly hit his chest, Chi ripped a huge wound, and the blood sprayed out. Sun Manzi\’s body also fell out heavily. \”Barbarian!\” Xin Guihua\’s face suddenly changed and exclaimed. Fang Yang\’s pupils on the other side also shrunk. I didn\’t expect that there would be such Purple Striped xuanbing in Xing Yuting\’s hands. Fang Yang didn\’t have a chance to react to the other party\’s quick hand. He could only watch sun Manzi fly out. When he saw the blood spraying, he was shocked and woke up, but it was too late to do it. Sun Manzi fell into a pool of blood. He didn\’t know his life or death. Xin GUI took a few people to rush up. At this time, Ma Youshen suddenly shouted loudly: \”Fang Yang has committed a heinous crime. Since these people are Fang Yang\’s entourage, they must not escape their sin. Today we gather here to kill the demons, so these people\” should be killed!! \”chapter 395 is the most true feeling. With Ma Youshen suddenly appeared, a\” should be killed \”echoed around, People around me also have actions. The mysterious Qi flickered among the crowd, especially the people of several large doors stopped leaving their hands and besieged Xin Guihua.


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