However, fortunately, Tao Dan\’s bicycle technology is good, and the fear did not happen.

\”Tianmai pill! His head is a shortcut to Chu Yang!\” after knowing Fang Yang\’s identity, the eyes looking at Fang Yang are also hot. When arranging the cave for Fang Yang, Zhang Chengfeng, who met him, sneered: \”no wonder he is grumpy and fierce. He used to be Fang Yang\’s notorious man, and now he deserves to be captured!\” Gu Kang looked grave: \”Fang Yang, you are so bold! You killed so many people in the sect of Tiance mansion and dared to venture into our Chunyang sect. It must be a conspiracy. I Chunyang sect must want you to look good!\” Fang Yang\’s expression was flat. Since his identity had been revealed, he didn\’t bother to say anything more. \”Hum.\” Gu Kang looked at him coldly and then asked Mo He, \”How\’s the situation outside?\” \”it\’s almost the same. I think the current situation is enough to explain to long Wushuang. If it goes on, our Chunyang Zhenzong will really hurt our muscles and bones.\” Mohe said. Gu Kang nodded and looked cold: \”Long Wushuang wants to kill our Chunyang Zhenzong this time. We dare not resist, so we hand over more than half of the disciples\’ lives and give him an explanation. But if he insists on his own way and wants to kill us, we Chunyang Zhenzong will not be easy to bully! At that time, we will give up our neutral identity and go straight to long Moyu to see how he dares!\” Even though Chunyang Zhenzong knew that the Liulian mountain line was a trap, he could only bite his teeth and enter the trap. This is the unparalleled power of the dragon. He has become an indisputable existence in the Longyuan Dynasty. Even if Chunyang Zhenzong was like this, he had to take into account his identity. Therefore, he specially plunged into the trap and killed his disciples, so that the Dragon could not be on both sides Good looking. For the backbone elders of Chunyang Zhenzong such as Gu Kang, the death of some ordinary disciples does not have much impact, as long as they can keep the Millennium foundation of Chunyang Zhenzong. This time, it can be said that it is a trap set by dragon unparalleled, but there is no internal cooperation of Chunyang Zhenzong, but even if they know these things, the disciples of Chunyang Zhenzong still don\’t know Dare you have any objection. This is the fate of people at the lower level of the food chain. \”Now, let\’s leave here and go back to the sect gate.\” Gu Kang said calmly, \”here is my pure Yang true sect transmission array. In the array, you all enter, I\’m going to start.\” The crowd hurried into the complicated Dharma array. Gu Kang specially looked at Fang Yang for fear that the son would flee. His index finger pointed at Fang Yang, and a wisp of pure Yang Xuan air turned out and wound around Fang Yang like silk thread. Fang Yang only felt that his four limbs sank, and Gu Kang\’s wisp of pure Yang Xuan air impressively went deep into his meridians and instantly killed him The meridians of the whole body were sealed. He could not use any mysterious Qi. After realizing that Fang Yang had no strength to struggle, Gu Kang\’s pure Yang mysterious Qi moved and burst out. His hands repeatedly discharged a seal method and hit the Dharma array under him. The old pattern that he saw quickly lit up under Gu Kang\’s mysterious Qi. It was like a flame burning all around for a moment , the whole Dharma array was shining brightly. There was a mysterious vibration from the Dharma array, and then it was completely shrouded. All the people in the Dharma array felt dizzy and disappeared from here in the blink of an eye!


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