Grandma, it will be better and better in the future. peizihao comforted the old lady.

He completely regarded Fang Yang as having no Xuanqi, and then continued to take off before he landed here. \”Is this the graveyard you chose? The wilderness ridge agrees with you. You have always been against my black tooth regiment. If you can\’t kill you today, how can my black tooth regiment hang out in the bone tooth mountains!\” Li Bei also has a murderous intention: \”I\’ll see you die this time!\” where is sun Manzi? Has he already run out? \”Tai Wuji asked. Fang Yang closed his lips and looked at these people. He smiled coldly: \”you want to kill me? Just come! We haven\’t been afraid of anyone before, and we won\’t be afraid of anyone in the future! However, if you want to kill me, you should always pay the corresponding price.\” \”ha ha, you\’re not ashamed when you die.\” \”Pay the price? Are you talking to us? Just two martial artists, what can they do in the face of so many of us.\” \”kill him, kill him!\” many martial artists behind Heiya shouted excitedly. Even if the reward round for killing Fang Yang can\’t reach them, they can boast after watching this famous boy die with their own eyes. \”Did you hear that? Everyone wants to see your death. Now you can\’t escape! Rush up to me. The first person who killed this boy will be greatly rewarded!\” Black tooth said and rushed out first. Hundreds of martial artists behind him rushed out together. They were crowded and swept away. They were completely covered by these black figures in the blue sky and day. Three hundred people rushed together, filled with mysterious Qi and frightening momentum. Fang Yang clenched his teeth and fought one enemy three hundred. It seems that he really did this for the first time. Face the enemy head-on. Fang Yang can\’t take advantage of it Yi, in case of being surrounded by the crowd, it may be really dangerous. When seeing that the crowd rushed up and was about to cover Fang Yang, there was a slight click behind him. Qin Chuan shouted excitedly, \”Lord, open it!\” Fang Yang suddenly turned his head and looked into the stone wall. In the stone wall, he saw a simple stone sword placed in it. Chapter 274 four methods. The stone wall opened at the critical moment of the blue cloud. Fang Yang turned his head and saw the blade. The shape of the stone sword was insignificant, short and rough, like a stone cut by Xuanqi at will. However, on this stone sword, But it radiated a faint blue light. An introverted and thick sword was intended to flow in it. Fang Yang just looked at it and was surprised. \”What a strong sword! This is the four Dharma green cloud!\” he suddenly turned around and rushed directly to the stone wall regardless of the people who had rushed there.


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