It is not the first time that Han Weiguo has been the director of the mine for ten years.

He grabbed it with his five fingers, gathered a heavy spirit in his palm, and grabbed it at the black bird. \”Black bird! I\’ll start with you first. I see who can save you!\” As soon as her face changed and her hands moved, she saw the gray dark Qi flowing and turned into gray feather sharp light. Now she has the strength in the middle of the empty nether world, which is quite good, and her strength is still very strong. However, Zhuang Yisha, who she has to face, is a martial artist in the later stage of the empty nether world. Zhuang Yisha has strong claws. When she swept away, she heard the clang sound, and those gray feather sharp Mang was swept away directly. Then he moved and grabbed at the black sparrow. Now that Wumeng is gone, the black sparrow is obviously the core of the martial artists in the grey sparrow mountain. As long as he catches her, he can make these people throw away rodents and even obey their orders! Chapter 224 Fang Yang stepped on the stage. The dark Qi on the black sparrow is not very strong. She has been with him since childhood As the grey feather finch grew up, she learned from the demon like the grey feather finch. The grey feather finch is not good at strong attack, but she has a sensitive body and is the most powerful in entanglement. Under this teaching, the black finch has distinct combat characteristics. If the opponent is a martial artist in the middle of the empty and dark realm, she can win steadily with her own Xuanqi and agility. However, she This time, it happened that Zhuang Yisha came across in the later stage of the empty and dark realm. Zhuang Yisha wanted to show her skills in front of Huang Ning, so her action was a means of thunder. She pressed people with her own cultivation, and it was difficult for Wu queer to gain the upper hand. The five fingers and claws swept away, and Wu queer resisted the attack with a dull voice and her pretty face turned white. Her mind moved and her fingers whistled sharply in her mouth. Immediately there was a continuous sound of flapping wings, and dozens of gray feather finches who were absorbed in the world rushed out and circled over her head. The black finch stepped on his feet, raised his body, fell on the most powerful gray feather Finch, and flew out directly. In the middle of the air, the black finch was surrounded by dark air, and faintly connected with the gray feather finch under him. At this time, the gray feather was as sharp as an arrow , whizzing through. \”Damn big bird!\” Zhuang Yisha\’s face sank, and he also felt a headache under this attack. After all, Gu Ya mountain has a special breath, and it costs too much dark Qi to take off. If he forces him to take off, not only can he not keep up with the speed of gray feather finches, his dark Qi will be greatly reduced, which makes it clear that he does not have an advantage. Huang Ning\’s eyes brightened obviously after seeing such a group of gray feather finches fleeing out. \”Is this the main grey feather finch in the grey finch mountain? Indeed, it can play a great role!\” He did not hide his greed. One of the reasons why he came to the ash finch mountain on this trip was to destroy the power of the mountain and let the rest of the people on the top of the mountain obey their orders honestly. The other was that he coveted the gray feather finch on the ash finch mountain. Flying monsters are essential if he wants to take off continuously in the bone tooth mountain.


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