At lunch, Li Siyu always planned to solve it in the office.

\”Go in now!\” Teng shuize shouted. Wang Hu, all of whom were glowing and worshipping, hurriedly ordered the guards to move forward. Their bodies were among the green stone roads that Teng shuize easily entered when Teng shuize shrouded the sword array. The martial artists looking at from a distance were also stunned. They didn\’t expect to see this scene. How strong was Teng shuize who blocked a sword array with his own strength! How many martial artists still exist The thought wanted to take the opportunity to rush in without injury, but before he came to the front ten steps of the stone tablet, Teng shuize\’s indifferent eyes swept away, and the martial artists immediately screamed repeatedly, and their whole body was shrouded in purple fire, which burned clean. Then, the other martial artists\’ faces changed slightly, but no one dared to come up again. Seeing that all the four guards entered the Qingshi Road, Teng shuize withdrew the purple fire , one step is to step in. A group of people disappeared in front of the stone tablet. Those scattered martial arts practitioners could only watch a scene happen and care about each other. This time, some of the competition in the xuanjie was good-looking. How many experts Fang Yang and Meng Qianxue went into the Qingshi road behind the stone tablet. With a flash of light around, they went directly to the mountain road paved with Qingshi As soon as he entered, Fang Yang felt that the mysterious Qi gathered around him and was extremely rich. Even if he had not practiced, the mysterious Qi in his body flowed rapidly. \”What a rich mysterious Qi of heaven and earth. I\’m afraid it\’s much faster to practice here than the cultivation room of Qingyun chamber of commerce with Dharma array!\” Fang Yang was in high spirits. The more advantages this cave revealed, the happier he was. He put Meng Qianxue down and turned his soul into a graceful nymphalus butterfly. He danced in Meng Qianxue\’s knowledge of the sea and dissipated the mysterious smell of peach blossoms. Meng Qianxue brightened his eyes and woke up: \”what\’s the matter just now?\” \”It should be close to the people of Hehuan sect, so the little sect leader deliberately urged you to know the peach blossom brand in the sea. But now I\’ve pressed it down for you. It\’s all right for the moment.\” Fang Yang said. \”Where is it now?\” \”behind the stone tablet, between the mountain roads.\” Fang Yang said that he finally had time to look around. Looking back, it was supposed to be the location of the stone tablet, but there was no trace. Behind him was an endless winding bluestone Road, extending between the clouds. I don\’t know where it will extend. Fang Yang\’s face changed slightly: \”It seems that after entering the stone tablet, you will come to another Dharma array. There is no way to retreat.\” now even if you regret to evacuate, you must have been unable to go back. The mountain road behind you should be an endless whirling corridor. No matter how far you go, it is useless.


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