The man next to him is the director of Anyuan mountain food factory.

But at this time, Fang Yang\’s soul power has been exhausted. No matter how Duan Ling cries, he can\’t wake Fang Yang up. \”Damn it, what should I do.\” seeing that Fang Yang couldn\’t be woken up, Duan Ling was a little anxious for a moment. He was just a soul body. At this time, there was no way to help Fang Yang. \”Ka.\” but just then, the door of the prison suddenly opened. In Chapter 95, the door of the prison was opened. Then two figures quickly came in. At this time, Fang Yang was in a coma. It was impossible to know someone was coming. Duan Ling, who was hiding in the nine Palace sword, saw it and looked at the two people, Duan Ling felt strange, but there was no suspicion in her heart. Duan Ling thought that most of them were from Huoyu county and city. She couldn\’t help saying, \”bad!\” but the next scene surprised Duan Ling immediately. \”Eh, why did Fang Yang faint?\” said a man headed by the person who came in at this time. \”Brother, take a look at him.\” another man answered. Hearing the speech, the first person to speak nodded, and then immediately came to Fang Yang. One was to hold Fang Yang\’s wrist, and a force of soul slowly penetrated into Fang Yang\’s body. After all this, Duan Ling\’s face changed almost instantaneously: \”How come there is such a great power in the boy\’s body, which is the trend to explode and die.\” \”really?\” the other person said in a condensing voice. When he heard the speech, the person in charge nodded. Soon, a trace of hesitation flashed on the man\’s face and said to himself, \”save or not.\” \”Elder brother, since we have come, we can save it. Have you forgotten our original intention?\” said another man. \”But Fang Yang.\” there is still a hesitation on the head man\’s face. \”Didn\’t we all think about it before we came?\” \”well, save him!\” After taking a deep breath, the first person seemed to have made a decision. Then he quickly helped Fang Yang up, and the internal skills worked frantically. A pure mysterious Qi immediately poured into Fang Yang\’s body. At the same time, a vast force of soul also shrouded Fang Yang. This vast force of soul carried a threat! Under this threat, Fang Yang The forces in Yang\’s body were completely suppressed. Concentration friar! Absolute concentration friar, only the master of concentration period and even higher-level friars can have authority in the soul. \”Drink!\” A cold drink rolled out of the man\’s throat. The next second, the man slapped Fang Yang on the back. When the hand went down, Fang Yang immediately trembled, and the whole person was shaking violently. At the same time, a wave of energy came out of Fang Yang\’s body like crazy. After only a while, the whole prison began to tremble. \”No, there is too much energy in his body. If I dredge alone, the dredging is not so complete.\” he took back his palm and said with a embarrassed look on the head.


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