Hao Jianhong also knew that everyone lined up the same, but she still felt tired.

Little dragon girl, Yu Xiaomin, Li Qianyu and Tang Yi are all around. As long as Mu Chen thinks of who and where he thinks, he will see who and where he appears. This is the God who rules everything Qingyuan? It\’s a pity that he can\’t see all this Muchen just sighed in his heart, but suddenly, he saw Xuanchun temple. The familiar figure was not Qingyuan. He didn\’t die. The prohibition of returning to the mountain destroyed the demon soul of the fierce demon king, but also made Qingyuan reborn. Although it was only the cultivation in the foundation period, although he didn\’t remember what happened in the dark place, Muchen was still his only one \”Junior brother Muchen, naughty again\” Qingyuan\’s voice is still so simple and honest. What? Muchen? Younger martial brother? The Muchen in the air was completely confused. Then he saw a little dog running happily and dallying between Qingyuan\’s legs. Sweat in the morning. The gate of space began to fade slowly. The time was coming. The space channel opened by Mu Chen with his divine power was about to disappear. He had to enter the spiritual world before the gate of space disappeared. Otherwise, he would disappear in the crisscross of time and space. Is there anything left? Muchen looked back as she walked. By the way, what about Sikong Wanyu and Murong ruoyi? Are they all right on the other continent? Unfortunately, I can\’t feel it without being on this continent. Muchen sighed regretfully and was ready to enter, but at the moment of entering, he couldn\’t help feeling it. But to his shock, he saw it Two people, running. Who are not Sikong Wanyu and Murong ruoyi? They came to the mainland of Beijing? \”Sister Wanyu, if you cross this mountain, you will be the ancient Yue country. According to the monk, brother Mu is now the leader of the largest sect in the ancient Yue country. No wonder he wants to leave Xingyu mainland. It used to be so beautiful here.\” Murong ruoyi still looks like a raging wind and fire. \”He will be surprised when he sees us.\” Sikong Wanyu\’s face shows a happy and coy expression. \”He can\’t imagine that the ten thousand volumes of books he left behind are such a profound time-space transmission skill. It\’s a pity that it took us so many years to practice successfully.\” \”I\’m afraid that when you find him, he\’s full of wives and concubines and children and grandchildren.\” Murong ruoyi teases her deliberately. \”For the sake of your youth and beauty, I\’ll give you a concubine. Don\’t you think so?\”


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