Li Siyu only ate one steamed bread and drank two bowls of soup. She also ate most of the fried pork.

Jane Xi\’s white figure sits on a green grass, surrounded by constantly opening wild flowers, and a lot of grass have sprung up one after another. The big trees around her have regained their vitality. Even the low branches swing gently, as if to brush away the flying insects around Jane Xi. But in the nether Valley, apart from ordinary plants that have been polluted by evil Qi, only \”cold nether grass\” is more precious, and other creatures are almost extinct here. Now, in this dark forest valley, there is such a strange landscape, which has not been seen by those old friends hidden in xuantianzong. \”It\’s incredible,\” Hu Li finally vomited heavily, shook his folding fan a few times and said. He had been holding his breath until now. Thanks to being a monk, he would be suffocated if he were an ordinary person. \”My God – my sister-in-law can\’t be a fairy in the sky?\” ChiYan also wiped the suspicious crystal on his mouth, murmured, and his eyes were still looking at the air where the once black chain had been purified. \”It\’s not now, and it will be in the future.\” Han Xing looked at Jane Xi, slowly opened her bright and abnormal eyes, said in a deep voice, with a firm and abnormal voice. Jane Xi turned her head, looked at Han Xing, smiled sweetly and said, \”they can all enter reincarnation and reincarnation.\” the eyes were happy and pure. This kind of vision makes qijiehan star even more excited. He has never known that the woman he likes is extraordinary, but when he sees her today, he feels like a pearl like treasure. Jane Xi took another look at the man on the ground who had a smooth back and had nothing, and then said, \”he should have nothing left?\” she had never done this to demon Xiu. She really didn\’t know what to do after completely stripping the black chain he depended on for survival. Look into his body. That means that he is still a demon, but he is very weak. Jane Xi moved in her heart. Moving in his mouth, there is a silent Buddhist \”he Ye Jie Li Li\’s true words\”, and Nan Mo San mandopo believes in Sakha pozha also Sakha on the Bank of khartoa The silent chanting of scriptures poured into his body. A string of cultural light spots and light swam around his body, and the evil breath turned into nothingness where the light spots passed, more than ten minutes later. There was no more evil in the man. Pure as a normal person, but the original magic Qi in his body also disappeared. The Yuanshen in the sea is also depressed to the extreme, but there is still a trace of breath. The original state of the later stage of integration has fallen to the early stage of transforming God. The Yuanshen is inferior to the friars who have just reached the level of transforming God. However, Jian Xi also saw traces of the original righteous cultivation methods in his body. If they were all practiced by magic cultivation methods, it is estimated that he is completely an ordinary person now. However, he still retains the realm of deification, which has to be thought-provoking. The letter star several people saw Jian Xi sitting next to the man again, his lips moving, his divine consciousness also went deep into his body, and witnessed the process of eliminating evil Qi with the Scripture. Now they see that Jian Xi is over. Then he asked curiously, \”Xi\’er, what did you just read? Can you purify such evil magic gas? I really don\’t know whether the magic gas cultivated by our magic door can be purified by you. If so, it\’s likely that the cultivation achievements of the whole life will disappear at once\”. \”No, this is the \’he Ye Jie Li Zhen Yan\’, which is specially used to purify evil spirits and evil spirits. Although your magic door has a magic word, it is different from this kind of evil cultivation. This truth is not useful for real evil spirits. It is only useful for evil cultivation or evil cultivation,\” Jian Xi replied softly. \”This man was supposed to be a righteous Friar and later became a demon friar. Otherwise, he has just been beaten back to his original form and become an ordinary man, but now he has retained his cultivation level in the early stage of transforming God. I think his later cultivation is through that kind of evil skill, so he was knocked down to this level.\” Jian Xi said his analysis. \”That\’s right! Let me wake him up and ask.\” Han Xing made a few moves with his hands and pointed at the man\’s head. A few seconds later, the man moaned. Then he opened his eyes and looked at the grass in front of him. He just saw two pairs of shoes behind the grass. He lifted them out of inertia and looked up. It was a man and a woman. He seemed uncomfortable with the angle of his neck. He propped his hands weakly on the ground and rolled up. Han Xing saw that even if he sat up and staggered, he seemed to fall down, so he impolitely pulled up his arm, carried him to one side of the big tree and let him sit by the big tree. Jane Xi calmly looked at the beautiful face that now looked beautiful. It looked like a man who was only 21 or 2 years old, but his bone age had reached more than 300 years old. Jane Xi said nothing about such a young old monster. At this time, the man seemed to feel the abnormality of his body, and his face began to show surprise. \”Qi Jiexing, what have you done with our secret place?\” the man\’s words were very weak.


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