My old girl is promising!

The second old man called cangjun, first to say goodbye, and second to give the villa to cangjun and his wife. The name also took a shortcut, which became cangjun\’s name, and hoped that the three members of their family would be happy, which surprised Guan Fei, who had not spoken much, but the surprise flashed in her eyes. The villa had made her jealous for a long time, Unexpectedly, her husband\’s ex-wife\’s parents were willing to give them such a valuable house, which made her feel a little confused. On the contrary, cangjun has determined that Yuan\’s father and mother really don\’t want to come back. Chapter 248 departure On August 9, several families said goodbye to the city where they had lived for many years and flew to H city by plane. By the porthole, Jian Xi looked at the smaller and smaller city below and felt a little reluctant. This city is not only the place where Jian Xi grew up, but also the place where yuan Caiyi lived in her previous life for decades. How many times she was haunted by her dreams, she returned to the low courtyard in her childhood and the fish pond where she often played when she was young. Now there are many tall buildings, Where is the flavor of half a year? Even so, she still has an inseparable feeling for the city. She tilted her head back a little wearily, closed her eyes and stopped thinking about what had happened before. On the plane, the atmosphere between these more than ten people was a little dull. After leaving the city where they had lived for many years, everyone was a little depressed. For a moment, no one spoke, or looked out of the window, or leaned against the back like Jane Xi, closed their eyes and thought about their own thoughts. Only Xinyu, Ruonan and Xinwei did not have such emotions, All they have is their longing for the future life. For example, what is their new home like in H city? How\’s the environment? I heard it\’s near the sea! What will college life be like in the future? What strange and novel cities and schools will they face? Three people talked happily with each other, and didn\’t notice the silence of their parents and elders. Jane Xi looks down at the mobile phone news. There are photos on the news of natural disasters such as large or small earthquakes, sinkholes and tsunamis all over the world. It is explained that such news always makes Jane Xi feel very uncomfortable. She also feels very uncomfortable. Is there anything going to happen? She doesn\’t know. Maybe she\’s distracted. In order not to let herself think, she turned off her mobile phone and joined the whispering chat team of Xinyu and the three of them. They laughed happily. Let the elders around them gradually get rid of the faint melancholy, or read a book, or close their eyes, or talk in a low voice until they reach their destination. Jane Xinyan has been waiting with her two assistants for a long time. She saw a line of 13 people coming out. She waved her hands to greet her. Jane Xinyan brought two nine seater business cars, which fit these people. Jane regretted that they didn\’t have much luggage, and they were basically put into the ring by her. There are only some carry on luggage, which can barely fit on the car. Find a famous hotel in H City, and Jane Xinyan meets thirteen people in this line. A big lunch was arranged. Then he drove two cars straight to the most upscale residential district \”Donghu bieyuan\” in H city. The \”East Lake bieyuan\” is located in the golden area of H city. It\’s only a short ten minute drive from the urban area. It has rich vegetation and beautiful natural environment. It\’s back to the mountain and facing the sea. There is also a small but quite good East Lake located on the other side of the community. The East Lake is a freshwater lake with an area of about 20000 square meters. The lake water is clear and some waterfowl often patronize the lake. One side of the East Lake is connected with the urban area of H City, and the other side is a not tall Dongting mountain, which is not high. It can only be reluctantly called a mountain, but both the Dongting mountain and the area below the mountain are extremely rich in vegetation, and the \”Donghu bieyuan\” is named after the Donghu Lake and Dongting mountain. Another eye-catching selling point of the \”East Lake bieyuan\” is that it also has one side facing the sea, the whole community. Dongting mountain is on the west, East Lake is on the north, sea is on the South and urban area is connected on the East. This beach is an undeveloped non scenic area, and has always maintained the purest natural state. It is also the last excellent beach in H city. This beach is almost in a closed state. Its terrain determines that only one direction leads to the outside world, That\’s the six villas now located here. This was originally the biggest selling point of the \”East Lake bieyuan\”. This beach is equal to the private beach of six families, but now it has been completely redesigned. These six villas have been individually enclosed and become today\’s \”Fairy Garden in the garden\”. Jane Xinyan has such a name, which means that most of the people in the garden live in Xiuxian. Moreover, in the process of development, I found that there was a small spiritual vein hidden under the ground, so I settled my home here. However, I later learned that the yuan, Qu and Wang families were also going to move here, so I simply enclosed all the six villas. The remaining two sets were left to any friend who moved here in the future, so I didn\’t sell them at all, and the publicity of the sales office was also removed. The \”Fairy Garden in the garden\” is equipped with a separate floor of security. The whole \”other garden in the East Lake\” is full of small bridges, flowing water and winding paths, and the environment is first-class. This garden in the garden is even higher. The architectural styles of the six villas are different, including intentional style, European style, modern style, Mediterranean style, French style There is also the new Chinese style, which has no repetition and is perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment. The six villas have been decorated according to their own characteristics, and the four owners have been determined. All kinds of furniture and daily necessities are quite complete, and the owner can move in with his bag. After sending two assistants and drivers back, Jane Xinyan led the thirteen people into their home. They put down their luggage, washed their faces and hands, sat down, drank a cup of green tea, rested for a while, and began to visit. Jian Xinyan chose a new Chinese style villa for herself. The first thing they visited was the internal decoration. Chinese style has Western elements, which are perfectly integrated by designers. Chinese and Western design elements, various modern household appliances and daily necessities in this building can only make people feel its exquisite, exquisite and harmonious, but will not make people feel out of place, All the wood used for decoration is made of natural wood, and the furniture also emits a faint wooden aroma. Everything is amazing. When you leave the villa, you can see the buildings in front of you from the outside, carved beams and painted buildings. The designer\’s gardening concept of \”harmony between heaven and man\” and exquisite landscape and space treatment are really unique. This building takes Suzhou gardens as the main inheritance object. The pavilions, pavilions and pavilions in this area also imitate the style of Suzhou gardens, The landscape construction technique draws lessons from the common landscape treatment methods in gardens, such as borrowing scenery, opposite scenery, missing scenery, separated scenery, etc. the overall architectural image can be described as \”pink wall and black tile\”, which is like Chinese ink painting. It is light and elegant, full of poetry and painting.


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