They didn\’t speak again. After a while, the sound of even breathing came.

This is a rented building. It belongs to a high-rise building. The height of the ninth floor is acceptable. Jane doesn\’t like tall buildings. This building is also Jian Xinyan\’s temporary residence. She has reserved a good place for herself to build a villa in the second phase of the project. Moreover, she has also reserved a place for Yuan\’s father and Yuan\’s mother not far away, although it is not as big as the position of Jane\’s family. But it is enough for Yuan\’s father, Yuan\’s mother and Xin Yu, who have a simple population. \”Mom, no wonder your accomplishments have improved so fast. I haven\’t seen you for half a year. It\’s five levels of Qi refining. It turns out that the aura here is stronger than that at home. Plus the gathering spirit array, it\’s even better than our villa.\” Jane Xi closed her eyes, felt the surrounding air and said with a smile. \”Well, isn\’t it? I secretly found a place to practice some of the spells you asked me to write down. But the work here is too busy and I\’m not too familiar.\” Jane Xinyan hit the refrigerator, took out some fruit, went to the open kitchen, looked at her daughter who had been following her and said with a smile. Squeezed out a large cup of watermelon juice and a large cup of orange juice, took out some crushed ice from the refrigerator, put them in respectively, and inserted two straws. \”Which do you drink?\” Jane Xinyan asked Jane Xi. \”I want watermelon juice\” took a large cup of watermelon juice handed over by Jian Xinyan. After taking a sip, it felt cool and cool down the throat, and the whole body was comfortable like sweat and hair. With another glass of orange juice, Jane Xinyan and Jane Xi came to the sofa and sat down. Mother and daughter talked to each other about the current situation Just after arriving in H City, Jane Xinyan asked Jane Xi to rest at home for a day. Early the next morning, the mother and daughter who had packed up went downstairs. Instead of driving their own car, Jane Xinyan directly led Jane Xi to the gate of the community. A man and a girl from a black Cayenne saw Jane Xinyan and a girl go out of the community and welcomed them. \”Good morning, Mr. Jane! Is this Jane Xi? It\’s so old?\” a man in his thirties and seventies, about one meter seven or eight tall, with a good appearance, smiled and shook hands with Jane Xinyan. \”Xi\’er, this is Zhao Yan, the general manager of the company. Your name is uncle Zhao. Your uncle Zhao is a local. He knows more about the surrounding environment and scenic spots than I am an outsider. Therefore, my mother asked Uncle Zhao to take some time out of his busy schedule to hang out with my mother and me. My mother has been here for several years and hasn\’t played specially. This is also the light my mother borrowed from you ! \”said Jane Xinyan with a smile. \”Hello uncle Zhao, I\’m Jane Xi. I\’ll trouble you these days,\” Jane Xi said politely to Zhao Yan. \”OK! Jane Xi, what a polite child,\” Zhao Yan laughed. \”Next to this, general manager assistant \’Lei Lei\’, you can just call her sister. Lei Lei is also a local. She also follows us these days. In case I or your uncle Zhao have something to do, she can also play with you.\” Jian Xinyan introduced a Wenwen quiet 23-year-old girl behind Zhao Yan\’s side. \”Hello, sister Lei Lei. My name is Jane Xi. It\’s nice to meet you.\” Jane Xi stretched out her right hand and shook Lei Lei lightly, and said generously. \”Hello, Jane, you and Jane are so much alike. They are so beautiful,\” Lei Lei said softly, looking enviously at the two beauties in front of her. \”All right! Let\’s stop standing here and chat. Get on the bus quickly! After getting on the bus, I\’ll talk to you again and see what you think?\” Jane\’s mother and daughter readily agreed, and the three of them got into the car together. The car was air-conditioned, with light music, and filled with the smell of vehicle perfume. After Jane picked up the car, she smelled it, and could not help but wrinkle her eyebrows, but then died. Jian Xinyan sat in the front passenger seat, while Lei Lei and Jian Xi sat in the back seat. After sitting down, Zhao Yan didn\’t drive immediately. Instead, he took out a printed page of paper similar to the plan and handed it to Jian Xinyan. \”Mr. Jian, this is the itinerary plan I prepared in advance. Look, what else needs to be changed. After it is determined, we will start to set out for the first goal of travel in H city and its surrounding areas.\” Zhao Yan looked at the beautiful boss sitting next to him and took over the plan. \”Well, let me see.\” Jian Xinyan looked down at the several pages of the plan, while Zhao Yan looked at Jian Xinyan vaguely. There was an imperceptible ambition and * * in her eyes, but Jian Xinyan was looking down at the plan and didn\’t notice Zhao Yan\’s eyes, but Jian Xi, sitting behind the co pilot, saw it from Zhao Yan\’s side face Imperceptible bad intentions raised some vigilance and unhappiness in her heart, but there was no hint on the surface. She planned to tell her when she was alone with her mother.


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