Niang, what\’s going on? Li sinang didn\’t refute, but asked his doubts.

Until Wang Xinwei stepped on his little fat leg and shouted, \”why do you get up so early? National fitness?\” One sentence amused everyone, and they all stopped. They should wash and wash, they should clean their tents, and others began to prepare breakfast. Several little friends also let go of Jane Xi, cleaned themselves up, and took out their cameras again to take pictures of the beautiful scenery of the morning. After washing, Jane Xi helped grandpa Jane pack up the things in the tent. The things that should be folded up were folded up, sorted out, put them into the backpack, and the heavy fake was put into the bag. In fact, they had been thrown into the ring. Grandpa Jane didn\’t pay attention to how the bag could be loaded so well. The dry clothes were dissatisfied and didn\’t sink. Then he removed the tent, sorted it out and put it into the largest mountaineering bag. The mountaineering walking stick was also placed on one side of the mountaineering bag. Grandpa Jane carried the big bag. Except that one tent was a big piece and Jane could not put it into the ring, the rest were just a few clothes, which had not been completed, so as to take up some space and some common small things, She was afraid that things would crush grandpa Jane. She also carries a bag. In fact, it\’s not small. It\’s also half the size of Grandpa Jane\’s big bag, but it\’s also not heavy. Grandpa Jane also wondered that there are a lot of things in the backpack. Why don\’t she feel heavy? The bags are sorted by her grandson. If you look at what\’s falling outside, you won\’t be tangled anymore. When Jane Xi packed up her things, others were almost ready. They made some convenient and fast breakfast, took a bite, packed their bags, and then climbed up the mountain along yesterday\’s route. At this time, the speed was faster than the previous day. After sleeping all night, they had enough spirit and walked a lot more briskly. Chapter 34 home and woody life (for recommendation and collection) In the next few days, there was no accident. We visited almost all the scenic spots of Changbai Mountain: the magnificent \’Tianchi waterfall\’ with a drop of 68 meters, and the water mist aroused by the waterfall filled the bottom of the mountain.; The picturesque \’Xiaotianchi\’ at an altitude of 1780 meters; The \”valley bottom forest\” comparable to Tianchi and waterfall, the dense virgin forest, the wooden forest path, the terrible valley bottom Canyon and the forest at the foot of the forest at the end of the forest all deeply attract tourists. Even every leaf, every ray of sunshine from the dense forest, and every fallen old tree make you think and raise your camera; \”Green deep pool\” Hot springs with a temperature of more than 80 degrees They don\’t walk and play very fast. When they meet a place they like, they will stay here, take photos or enjoy it. Such browsing makes them enjoy themselves. They won\’t rush like a tourist group. There is nothing left except a push of photos, but even so, they are still very tired and tired. Young girls are better, Grandpa Jane and grandpa Qu just can\’t stand it. So Wang Mingfu also found the best spa and took people old and young to soak in the hot spring. After washing the hot spring, it really relieves fatigue. The sweat and fatigue from going up the mountain are gone all at once. People are full of praise for Wang Mingfu\’s arrangement. Wang Mingfu\’s fat face reddened after taking a bath is even redder. After saying goodbye to the guide and guide Chengzi\’s family, Master Li was the only one awake on the luxury Nissan imported Bilian 4.5L. The car was quiet, and occasionally there was a snore or two. Master Li looked at a car of sleeping adults and children in the rearview mirror with a smile, \”it seems that they are tired!\” Then concentrate on driving. It was already more than 7 p.m. when they got home. They found a small shop together and ate some noodles. They all said that they got on the bus and got off the noodles with dumplings. They were very tired after taking the bus all day. After dinner, they went back to their homes to have a rest. When Jane Xi and grandpa got home, Mrs. Fang was already waiting at home. The God of war saw that Jane Xi spread joy. These days, Jane Xi didn\’t let him follow, which made him very resentful. At that time, she grabbed the window and watched Jane Xi go far downstairs. She stayed for a long time before returning to the room. Mrs. Fang said that the God of war ate very little these days and always looked out through the window. Jane Xi held the big head of the God of war and couldn\’t help but be very moved. The big head of the God of war was mising in Jane Xi\’s arms, as if telling its missing. In fact, Jian Xi also regretted that if he took the God of war with him, he would be much taller than the general German shepherd, and he was full of attack. He just let Jian Xi manage well and would not bite people. He was very psychic. In the mountains, it should be a place where it can be free. He felt sorry and stroked the smooth fur of the God of war more gently, Burying his face in the ear of God of war, he whispered, \”I\’ll take you next time. I\’ll keep my word, really.\” When God of war heard her words, he raised his head and looked at Jane Xi and nodded. What\’s the situation? God of war has spirit again. Can it understand such a complex sentence? It\’s incredible! Old lady Fang and grandpa Jane were also amazed. Mrs. Fang took their big bags and small wraps. Jian Xi also led the God of war upstairs to take a bath and go to fatigue. She just came into contact with practice. Her Taoist practice is too shallow. She will still feel tired. After all, she is only 14 years old and has not grown up.


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