Li Chengyue went out with a bowl. If she stayed a little longer, she would easily scold her.

The Dragon Seal erupted with even more terrifying power, and the dense laws of heaven and earth were derived. Ten old monsters were invaded by the laws of heaven and earth before they had time to guard. But they were still injured, and they were shaken back.Om…The sealed dragon cylinder suddenly hovered up, and quickly turned around three feet high. The seal above was torn apart, and the ancient body moved slightly, and it was about to break the seal from above.Give me down. Lei Heng appeared in the sky, slapped down with one hand, and with a loud bang, countless seals all emerged, pressing the sealing tank tightly.Boom!The dragon-sealing tank fell to the ground, and the body inside trembled slightly, and all the power disappeared.The two deputy palace masters on the side turned pale. Although they were already at the pinnacle of the quasi-divine emperor, the power released by Lei Heng made his heart palpitations. It was really terrifying.Hao… where is my brother… what have you done to him… A faint voice came from the sealed dragon tank. This voice was extremely beautiful, like a fairy sound, and extremely moving.The sound is so beautiful, the owner of the clan really likes it. As for your so-called Brother Hao, it was made by the owner of the clan, you don\’t need to look for it, just follow the owner of the clan in the future.Feng Xuan appeared beside the Dragon Sealing Vat, \”The master of the clan will treat you well, but before that, you have to separate your power and let the master of the clan recover.\”Starting now? Yun Xianluo also appeared beside the Dragon Sealing Vat.Of course, avoid long nights and dreams. The four imperial palaces have already heard the news. The kid Tianyu is said to have recovered to 40s. We must recover as soon as possible. Lei Heng said, pressing one hand on the sealing tank, and the other two. The clan leader did not hesitate, stretched out his hand and pressed it up.Chapter 1660 Everyone\’s ChoiceAs the two clan masters took action, Fenglong Cylinder had completely stopped trembling. The peerless figure inside slowly squatted down, apparently already knowing the fate she was about to face. She was already fighting desperately, but she still lost. NS.A stream of pure and extreme power floated out from that perfect body and gathered in the sealed dragon tank. Under this power, the seals were unlocked one by one.What a pure source of heaven and earth…The power in my body was actually mobilized, and it started to recover… Yun Xianluo showed a look of surprise, \”The legend is true, the ancient body can restore our strength.\” Speaking of the back, both eyes It\’s already red, even if it can\’t be restored to the level of the god emperor, as long as it can reach 60% or more, then there is a big chance of fighting for immortality.Become a fairy…That is the lifelong pursuit and dream of the god emperor in every age, not just them, even the Emperor Huntian and the two supreme beings are no exception.Not only Yun Xianluo, but Lei Heng\’s gaze also revealed joy, because at this moment the power in their bodies was also aroused, and they were growing a little bit, all of which originated from the inside of the sealed dragon tank. The purest source of heaven and earth power.


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