However, there is another secret and terrible force on the rotating mound star. They are also called demon cultivation. They kill people everywhere and seize souls. Few people can escape. Moreover, their usual camouflage can rarely be seen through. Their claws and teeth have penetrated into all corners of the whole Xiuxian world. No one dare say that there will be no spies of those people around them.

The treasure of the firmament that controls time and space, plus the void black hole that absorbs time and space… The combination of the two creates a scene ten thousand years later? Shanghai asked in astonishment.I originally thought that I had really fallen asleep for thousands of years, but I didn\’t expect to be deceived by the Time and Space Shuttle.It should be so, but it may not be created, and it may also be a direction for future development. Moreover, the future created by the time and space shuttle is not created out of thin air. It is said that it contains all the history from the ancient times to the present. Including all characters, etc. It is said that the Time Shuttle possesses an ability that all holders want… insight into the future.Insight into the future… Shanghai was startled.Insight into the future, this ability can be described as a legendary ability, to be able to see the mystery of the future, to know all of your own encounters, this is equivalent to occupying countless opportunities, even the supreme wants to have this ability, because that Able to understand their own destiny.destiny!It is impossible to grasp, but there are some extremely mysterious things in the world, just like the shuttle of time and space, with this kind of supernatural power.That is to say, the ten-thousand-year scene we see before our eyes is the mystery pushed by the time and space shuttle based on everything, even what is about to happen? Shanghai asked in astonishment.It is possible to happen, but it is only a possibility. The world is in a state of affairs and the future is uncertain. No one can know what they will encounter in the next moment. Some subtle changes will lead to drastic changes in the future. . However, what is pushed out by the time and space shuttle should be something that is extremely likely to happen. Demons invade, this is something you already know, the situation of heaven and earth is also an established situation, and there are people such as Longxie Zhizun and Yao Zhizun, There is bound to be a battle. This cannot be changed. It will only happen sooner or later.Since it can\’t be changed, what\’s the point of letting me know in advance… Shanghai looked at the scene in front of him, and it\’s nothing more than life and death. All relatives are in danger and may perish at any time, even if he is the Emperor Huntian. The heir of the respected, is not the same as Leng Yihang\’s life and death, this is a destiny, the destiny that cannot be changed.This is just a general trend, but the future is uncertain. You are the heir of Emperor Huntian, why are you the heir and others are not? That means you may change the situation in front of you… What\’s more, there is one thing that will never change in everything pushed by the time and space shuttle.People? Shanghai\’s eyes lit up.Little man, you are finally getting acquainted. Zihu smiled.Chapter 1604 All ReasonsThe war continued. After understanding everything, Shanghai\’s mood completely relaxed and was immersed in the battle.The demon’s record of this battle is extremely detailed. Of course, it is not a demon, but the deduction of Time and Space Shuttle is extremely detailed, even as detailed as what kind of abilities the superpower possesses, and every change after the two fights. There are almost no omissions in every detail.From the perspective of the bystander, Shanghai can see more detailed and clearer, including the abilities of every superpower and their weaknesses, even the god emperor, they also have weaknesses, such weaknesses at ordinary times. It will not be noticed, but it was exposed during the war.That\’s right!People will never change, especially those who reincarnated from the divine emperor. They possess the will and memory of the divine emperor, including many habits left over from previous lives. They will not change much. The emperor\’s ability to attack and kill is also a legacy from a previous life.These things may not be of much significance to others, but to Shanghai, they will be of great use in the future.


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