In its simple mind, it relies on Jianxi more wholeheartedly. Jianxi and God of war are almost all of its life.

The latter had already expected that the other party would make a move. The two top-tier gods and demons did not rush, and they punched and palmed one after another. They seemed to be simple magical skills, but they contained incomparable destructive power.suddenly!The two groups of flames suddenly turned into two identical top-tier gods and demons. When they fell down with a palm in the air, the two attacking powers were crushed instantly, and the giant palms were directly stamped on the two top-tier gods and demons. Above the chest, the two top-tier gods and demons screamed, their bodies were extremely distorted, and then they were crumpled into a ball.Bang…The two top-tier gods and demons were completely shattered, and they couldn\’t die anymore.At this time, the top-tier gods and demons of Zhurong God and Demon Palace had their hands behind their backs, and looked at the gods and demons below with cold eyes, \”Who else wants to try?\”Try…Many gods and demons couldn\’t help swallowing a mouthful of saliva. They didn\’t think much about it at once, and they swept away when they turned back, and the two top-ranked gods and demons were instantly annihilated, let alone them.You know, the three major palaces of gods and demons rarely take back orders, and they never joking about killing and kill. The deterrent power in the ground is much higher than the rest of the forces.In a moment, I don\’t know how many gods and demons have left.The two of Qingxue\’s complexion collapsed tightly, and they hesitated. Just now, the top-ranked god and demon of Zhurong God and Demon Palace made a shot. It will inevitably be hit hard.Both are the top-level gods and demons, the gap between the two is so big.Moreover, this top-tier god and demon should be regarded as the kind of low status in the Zhurong god and demon palace. After all, this kind of driving away will not be done by an important person.Don\’t you go?Zhu Rong, the top-tier gods and demons of the Gods and Demon Palace, turned their eyes to Shanghai and others, \”What? Human cultivators are also trying to contaminate the supreme sacred objects of my Gods and Demons? It is ridiculous, don\’t you know that non-Gods and Demons cannot enter the supreme Is it in the Nine Youshen Pagoda? Get out, don\’t let me see you again.\”Fuck? The pupils of the green blood shrank slightly. Although his strength is not as good as that of the top-level god and demon in Zhurong God and Demon Palace, he is also a figure who has been fighting for many years. There was a fire.It seems that there is another guy who wants to die, then I will fulfill you. Zhu Rong\’s top-tier god and demon\’s eyes were cold, and immediately pointed out, and the three-color flames poured directly into the fingers, and the ball was fused. The peculiar flame of the three-color blaze came over with this instruction.The top-level magic skills…Qingxue gritted his teeth and smashed his fist in the air. All his power was released. The entire fist became red as blood. Although he also performed magic skills, it was a very ordinary one, the highest level he could use with the opponent. Compared with the magic skills, there is a big gap in grade alone.boom……


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