In the process of selling pills, Jian Xi also asked carefully about the prices of some alchemy materials to make herself understand the prices here. Then she came to Zifang city and began her purchasing trip. Zhang Rong said that the prices of materials and other items here are generally cheaper than those in the store. Jian Xi came here and compared them. Zhang Rong really didn\’t lie.

Hurry up. The three brothers and sisters of Di Luoxuan quickly reminded, but it was too late, and Gu Jiao\’s huge mouth had already swallowed Shanghai into his mouth.It\’s over…Di Luoxuan\’s three brothers and sisters suddenly sank, and they were swallowed in the abdomen by Gu Jiao.Suddenly, the ancient Jiao churned violently, and then a crack appeared under his mouth. The hot blood spurted out, and only a crash was heard. Gu Jiao\’s mouth was torn, and Shanghai was located in Gu Jiao’s. In the center of his mouth, his arms violently pulled, and then with a clatter, Gu Jiao was torn in half.Bang…Gu Jiao smashed to the ground, and the bloody Shanghai came out of it, like a supreme God of War walking out of the abyss. His dark eyes contained a terrifying light. When seeing Shanghai at this moment, the three Di Luo brothers and sisters couldn\’t help but take a deep breath. Take a breath of air.Seeing the tragic death of their comrades, the remaining four Gujiao realized the danger, and immediately turned back and ransacked, like frightened birds and beasts, leaving only the dumbfounded Di Luo brothers and sisters. They were fighting to the death, and they were unable to inflict any severe damage. One.As soon as Shanghai appeared, three ancient dragons were killed with bare hands. The terrifying physique made the three Di Luo brothers and sisters feel terrified.Afterwards, the three Di Luo brothers and sisters reacted.Thank you Brother Lin for helping. Di Luoxuan said with a serious face. He thought that Shanghai was just a guy with a strong personality, but he didn\’t expect it to be so strong, tearing up the ancient dragon with bare hands. How terrible it takes. physique.Physically alone, even their three siblings combined are not as good as each other.At this moment, the two of Di Luo Ye seemed restrained, even with a trace of fear in their eyes. It is no wonder that the scene of Shanghai tearing up the ancient dragon with bare hands, but deeply shocked them, I am afraid that they will not be able to live in this life. Forget this scene.You\’re polite, it\’s just a matter of effort! Shanghai said.A little effort…Di Luoxuan couldn\’t help but smile. Just now they were almost besieged by Gu Jiao. It was already a great favor for Shanghai to rescue them. They actually said it was just a small effort. Thinking of the previous scene, for Shanghai, it was indeed a small effort.Can you take the liberty to ask, I don\’t know what Brother Lin has next? Di Luo Xuan asked.Before I was trapped in one place for too long, but I wanted to go for a walk, and want to see what has changed in this spiritual realm in the past few decades. Shanghai said with a reason.Brother Lin is an aboriginal in the spiritual realm? Di Luoxuan said in surprise, his eyes flashing with unconcealable joy.Aboriginal people in Spirit Realm?Well, it is the name for people who originally lived in the spiritual realm, that is, those who have lived here before I wake up. Di Luoxuan said here, and quickly added: \”Brother Lin doesn\’t need to worry, whether it is Taigu wakes up. They are still the aboriginals of the spiritual realm, and they are all people of the spiritual realm, so Brother Lin doesn\’t have to worry about what other Primordial Awakeners will do to Brother Lin.\”


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