\”Yes. I\’m an alchemist.\” looking at their bad and suspicious faces, Jane hesitated for a moment and unfolded her sleeves to show the insignificant Danlu pattern on the cuffs.

Each of these three people is extremely difficult to become the young alliance of the Perish Gods League. The Eye of the Sky in Shanghai can see something that ordinary people can\’t see, that is, these three people contain extremely terrifying power, and They have not shown it all the time.Moreover, there was a promise of a hundred tricks before. Within this hundred tricks, unless the three of them fight to the death, they will not be able to suppress Shanghai. Similarly, Shanghai is not absolutely sure that they will be able to defeat the three, so the final result is the same support. Over a hundred tricks.Congratulations to this little friend, you have opened up the road against the sky. The elder Tianshou nodded and said.Hear the words!The six elders did not say anything, and they naturally knew that at this point, Shanghai\’s adoption of a hundred tricks was inevitable, and it could not be stopped at all. Unless the three young leagues were willing to pay the price, but the price was too great, they naturally did not Let the three young leagues do this.So!It is inevitable for Shanghai to pass the road against the sky.In an instant!There was an uproar, and I saw the excitement on the faces of those strong men who did not belong to the Permian League. After waiting for more than fifty years, someone finally opened up the road against the sky, and they witnessed it with their own eyes. I\’m afraid they will never forget this scene in their lives.The two girls, Bi Yuelan and Mu Ningxue, were also very excited, their pretty faces glowing with red clouds, they were already stunning, they were extremely moving at the moment, if not all of their eyes were on the Shanghai side, I\’m afraid there are many male powerhouses. I\’ve already watched it.You two will come with me. said the elder of the sky crack.Huh? Shanghai frowned slightly.Since you have passed the road against the sky, according to the leader\’s decision in the past years, you two can choose to join our Perish God League and become core disciples. At the same time, you are eligible to go to the Hall of Inheritance.Said.The rest of the people naturally had no objections to the decision of the Great Elder, and even if they did, they would not raise them at this time. Even the most dissatisfied Xue Shenzun was silent at this moment.Shanghai and Leng Yihang looked at each other, the latter\’s eyes filled with enthusiasm and hope, as well as deep gratitude.However, Shanghai\’s eyes were still on the Six Profound Gods.Let\’s go with the great elder. Six Profound God Venerable said.Um!Shanghai nodded.


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