Looking at the old man with black hair holding the tray, she was silent. Jane Xi couldn\’t help being a little strange, so she asked, \”senior, I don\’t know you?\” she thought that the old man with black hair thought that there were a lot of broken thunder Dan given to her, so she was happy to speak? No wonder Jianxi thinks so. The key is that the broken thunder Dan is too precious, and the quality refined by Jianxi is still so high.

The six men and one woman naturally saw Shanghai too, and they couldn\’t help showing a hint of surprise. Obviously they didn\’t expect to encounter Shanghai again.In the past in Pinming Palace, although Shanghai’s performance was very eye-catching, for these six men and one woman, it was just an arrogant boy who happened to be met by chance. They have not paid attention to them at all. Now they have appeared again, and they are still following. The emperor Shengtianzhi was beside her, which made the expressions of six men and one woman look strange.As for the other powerhouses, the same is true. The gaze cast with a trace of scorching heat, not only is Shanghai standing next to the emperor Shengtianzhi, but also that he has been holding Mu Ningxue\’s hand all the time, that\’s all. Ji Ya also stood quietly aside.Regardless of the identity of the emperor Shengtianzhi, the three stunningly beautiful companions, this kind of beauty is simply envy everyone\’s eyes, and immediately, the envy of the big group is burning, and the eyes of the strong males are getting more and more. It gets hot.If Shanghai is one of the heirs of the four imperial palaces, that\’s fine, but he is still a fellow who has no reputation. Such a person can still be accompanied by the emperor Shengtianzhi, and there are two stunning companions. , This is simply unacceptable.Last time, we haven\’t finished the calculation yet, right? Kuangxie suddenly stood up, staring at Shanghai firmly, his eyes filled with anger, and he was in Pinming Palace in the past., Shanghai made him lose face, if it hadn\’t been because it was the place of the emperor Sheng Tianzhi, he would have killed him a long time ago.The emperor Sheng Tianzhi stood on one side, and did not say a word, obviously not planning to intervene in this matter.Sell ​​yourself a favor…Shanghai immediately guessed the thoughts of the emperor Sheng Tianzhi, she also guessed that she was in a bad mood that day, and now she encounters madness, she will inevitably become more unhappy, so she uses this to sell her personal affection to herself, and she cannot refuse it. NS.It doesn\’t matter. If you don\’t encounter madness, Shanghai will not bother to pay attention to the past, and now it is encountered again, and madness is again provoking.Looking at the other powerhouses, their eyes are staring at Shanghai, and many of them have the mentality of watching the excitement. Of course, there are also many who hope that Shanghai will suffer from the evil hands.Then how are you going to calculate that account? Shanghai looked at Kuangxie indifferently.How to calculate? Of course it\’s abolished you.Kuangxie\’s eyes turned red, and an incomparable astonishing power suddenly emerged in his body. He saw the breath of five reincarnation skills on his body, and his realm had reached the level of high-ranking gods. On the day it started, it was more than a little stronger, it was just like two people.Broken through to a high-ranking general…The reincarnation skills have also reached five, and this crazy progress is amazing, right? I remember that when he was in the Pinming Palace, didn’t he just cultivated the fourth reincarnation skills? How short a few years Is it such a big change? A black-clothed man among six men and one woman was surprised.The father of Kuangzun God King accidentally obtained the Primordial Inheritance three years ago and gave it to Kuangxie. This guy got a big fortune, closed for two years, broke through again and again, and entered a high-level god. Don\’t you know? Another man couldn\’t help but said.So it\’s like this…Then Shanghai will probably be a lot of trouble.


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