Piracy I hate piracy, but I really thank zilinzijun for his pink ticket. My eyes are full of peach heart

The immortality of the ancient god emperor was born, and the contention caused by it may be beyond imagination. All forces are watching, including the four imperial palaces, the strong of the ancient resurrection, the three thousand great clans and the ancient gods, and the gods and demons. The inheritance of this god emperor.Shanghai has a hunch that a bloody storm will surely arise by then.At this time!A scorching gaze came, and Shanghai was startled slightly, and quickly turned his head. When he saw the owner of the pair of gazes, he couldn\’t help but be overjoyed. It was Bi Yuelan who was standing not far away.A azure blue gauze dress set off her graceful figure. After she regained her consciousness, she was filled with a unique charm, like a piano string, sometimes soft and sometimes stiff, two different types. The temperament was completely integrated into her body.call out……Bi Yuelan had already swept over and hugged Shanghai, her delicate body trembling slightly, because although she was unconscious in the past, she could still feel it. At that moment, she finally understood that she was in Shanghai to the end. What kind of position does it occupy.All the grievances and bitterness in the past were gone at the moment of awakening. She knew that she could survive because of Shanghai\’s desperate death to seize the Hualong Water for her, and she could lay down her life for her. , Is enough.Seeing this scene, Jiji walked to the other side wisely, and Lan Yi stepped back, but Liu\’s eyebrows frowned slightly and didn\’t say anything.When did you wake up? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.A few days ago.Why are you on this eternal dragon tortoise? Shanghai frowned and asked, Bi Yuelan should be in the Temple of Heaven, why did she get here.It was the eternal dragon turtle sent by Tianyu Imperial Palace who picked us up, saying that there was a task to be assigned to me. Originally I didn\’t want to participate, but you can say that you have a place, so I came, and Elder Yao also Let me have to join.Task? What kind of task?I don\’t know for the time being, it is said that it will not be notified until Taitian God City, but it is said that the return is great. Bi Yuelan said.Yeah! I am not dead… Elder Yao didn\’t come with you?Shanghai continued to ask, since Lao Wudie strongly recommends it, it shows that there should be no small benefits, otherwise Lao Wudie will not let Bi Yuelan come by alone.Elder Yao still has important matters, so he hasn\’t come over, but there are many senior brothers and sisters from the Temple of Dry Heaven. I learned about your situation from them. Fortunately, you are fine. Bi Yuelan heads Pillow on Shanghai\’s shoulders, the expression of rejoicing revealed.Well, it\’s okay, everything is okay for the time being.Shanghai lightly patted Bi Yuelan on the shoulder. As for the task, he didn\’t think much about it. Anyway, he would know it when he arrived at the city of the gods, but he was always faintly disturbed. It seems that this time going to the city of the gods is nothing. Good thing.


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