She had just bathed in a bathroom on the first floor with Xiao Siyu. She didn\’t steam her hair with her spiritual power. At this time, her long black and supple hair was draped behind her with a trace of moisture and didn\’t be tied up. She wore a light pink seven sleeve nightdress on her body and a pair of hairy Halle Kitty cotton off shoes on her feet. The whole person was soft and pure in a mess.

Under the heavenly consciousness, Shanghai realized that this was not Zong Wenbo\’s power, but a terrifying power contained in the entire Dingtian Peak, but it was moved by Zong Wenbo.Zong Wenbo\’s palm spread out slightly, and the vast and endless power slowly passed through his body, flowed to the palm of his hand, gathered into a series of special runes, and finally converged on his palm, and then his eyes fixed. , All the power turned into a light beam and penetrated into Shanghai\’s body.Bang…Shanghai only felt his body explode suddenly, and immediately afterwards, his pupils condensed rapidly. In his eyes, a black spot appeared quickly and slowly enlarged. No, it was not a black spot, but a vast expanse of sky. The constellation star field is constantly emerging, all kinds of fascinating changes, and the impact of many forces, constantly appearing in front of them.Immediately afterwards, there was a violent tremor in the chest, and I saw that the ancient mark trembled slightly, and the original rough lines began to become clear, as if it were growing, but Shanghai\’s body not only showed no signs of improvement. , On the contrary, it is getting weaker and weaker, and the only vitality is constantly overflowing into the imprint of the ancients.not good……Shanghai screamed inwardly. If it continues like this, his vitality will be exhausted soon, and he will undoubtedly die by then. He was just about to resist, and suddenly a powerful vitality emerged from behind him. His back poured into the body.This is……Shanghai was shocked and opened his eyes quickly. When he saw Zong Wenbo in front of him, he couldn\’t help being surprised. Zong Wenbo, who had returned to his middle-aged appearance, was rapidly aging.The endless stream of vitality is pouring into his body along Zong Wenbo\’s body.Peak Master…you… Shanghai didn\’t know what to say. Obviously, Zong Wenbo was using his own vitality to urge this secret method.Don\’t speak, hold your breath and concentrate.Zong Wenbo yelled, and then the voice transmission said: \”I am old and live for hundreds of years at most. You are still young and there are many opportunities. I also know that you don\’t want to owe this favor. If you want to repay this Favor, just help me take care of the three of them. As for the position of peak master, if you don’t want to take the position, Yan Luo will take it. If there is a chance to gain the heavenly inheritance in the future, you can pass it on.\”Peak Master…There was a touch in Shanghai\’s heart. I met Zong Wenbo not long ago, and even met Zong Wenbo only twice. Zong Wenbo paid so much. Of course, he also knew that Zong Wenbo was to fix the line of Tianfeng, just like the previous peak master. Similarly, for the sake of this vein, I would rather give up everything and help Zong Wenbo break through to the level of gods and generals.This is the transfer of flowers and trees in the Secret of Ding Tian. I will replace the archaic curse in your body into my body. This process will be a bit painful… Zong Wenbo said: \”Once this method is activated, it is irreversible. Don\’t reverse it, or you and I will die without doubt.\”suddenly!There was a burst of heart-piercing pain, especially in the chest area. Shanghai felt as if his chest was about to split, but he could bear the pain, and he was surprised to find that the ancient seal was slowing down. Get out of yourself.Seeing that he was about to be drawn out, but the ancient seal was taken back, Shanghai\’s heart was strained to the extreme, and he naturally wanted to recover as soon as possible.The ancient seal does not move.


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