\”I\’m separated from them. I can\’t find them, so I have to wander on this continent. I hope my cultivation is high, but I have less scruples and find them. My strength is too low to go wherever I want,\” Jane Xi said faintly.

Frozen world!Although it is a third-ranking magical skill, it can be used to the extreme with the power of the third-world lord. The thunder spear in his hand, full of shocking cold air, shuttled out, and slammed into the back of the poisonous dragon and snake king. The spike shattered a scaly, about an inch deep, and could no longer penetrate.Shanghai\’s eyes narrowed slightly. Although his realm was not comparable to that of the Venomous Dragon and Snake King, he still had an advantage in physical strength.Primordial creatures are different from today\’s creatures. They have an incomparably powerful physique. They rely more on physical strength rather than other powers. Therefore, to deal with these creatures, only the physical strength can suppress it.This is why the Nantian Boss and Shanghai are more than one realm away, but the damage caused to the poisonous dragon and snake king is almost the same.Ow…The poisonous dragon snake king suffered a wound on his back and was immediately enraged. He was madly fighting with the old Nantian monster, then suddenly turned around and bit into Shanghai with lightning speed.Upon seeing this, Shanghai quickly displayed super-speed magical skills and retreated backwards, and the poisonous dragon and snake king seemed to be watching him, perseveringly chasing him, the ferocious fangs were full of poisonous, once bitten, the consequences Unthinkable, Shanghai can only madly mobilize super-speed magic skills and retreat backwards.Boy, I won\’t play with you anymore, so enjoy the hospitality of the poisonous dragon and snake king. Nantian old monster said through voice transmission.not good……Shanghai\’s face changed.I saw that Old Monster Nantian turned around and swept away from the poisonous dragon cloud world that was about to shatter. When he left, he turned his head and glanced at Shanghai with a sneer. In his eyes, Shanghai is already a It\’s dead, but it\’s not a pity, this kid finally did a good thing, at least helped him contain the poisonous dragon and snake king.The Nantian boss fled halfway, which put Shanghai into an even more dangerous situation.This is already the case, and Shanghai cannot stop the Nantian boss from escaping halfway. What needs to be done now is to solve the poisonous dragon snake king as soon as possible.The speed of this poisonous dragon and snake king is too fast. It is so fast that it is shocking. Its only weakness is its physique. It is much weaker than me… Primordial creatures have always respected their physique… But its speed is too fast. Even if I make a move, it would be very difficult to hurt it if it is evasive…have…well, just do it. Shanghai\’s eyes condensed, seeing the poisonous dragon and snake king about to bite.call out……A figure flew out, and it was an Evil God General. It directly blocked Shanghai. The poisonous dragon and snake king\’s mouth closed together, and the Evil God General was swallowed immediately.Opportunity is here. Shanghai\’s eyes flickered, and his mind quickly controlled the evil god general.The evil god who has been swallowed in his throat will slam out a punch, and hit the poisonous dragon snake king\’s chin fiercely. Although its body is being transformed by the venom, the power of this punch is to beat the poisonous dragon snake king. Roaring endlessly, the colossal body twisted violently, and the pain made it tremble all over.At the same time, the Thunder Spear in Shanghai\’s hand flicked and directly pierced the back of the poisonous dragon and snake king originally pierced.


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