\”Brother, what should we do?\” Hua linger lost her square inch and was so frightened that she turned pale. Bao kept shaking her brother brilliance\’s arm.

With a quick grasp, he grabbed the storage bracelet, and with a movement of his mind, he erased the spiritual consciousness left by Gongsun Hai above, and then opened it.There are many treasures in the storage bracelet, many of which areIt is a rare material, obviously collected by Gongsunhai for many years. Besides, Shanghai accidentally discovered that ancient golden seed, which made him suddenly surprised.I just picked up this storage bracelet and obtained the ancient golden seed that contains the blood of the ancient times. I really don’t know what to say about this luck, but Shanghai has not been opened because he is not sure when the power of the law will fade. .No wonder the Nantian boss is about to catch me. Under the power of this law, even as a god general, he can\’t resist for too long. With my body to evade the power of the law, he can continue to go deep inside… Shanghai Xindao.The power of law does not always exist, but only occasionally. Otherwise, Gongsun Hai and other old monsters would not stay in the forbidden area.However, the power of the law comes very suddenly, every time it appears there is not much regularity, and the deeper the forbidden area, the more often the power of the law appears, even if it is the Nantian boss, there is no guarantee that it can be predicted before the power of the law comes. arrive.It is impossible to go out. The Nantian boss will definitely guard at the entrance. With this boss’s disposition, he will never give up easily. Therefore, Shanghai gave up the idea of ​​returning along the road. Look for other exits.It seems that I can only go deeper, and there seems to be something in it… Shanghai frowned, thinking of the seven bosses including Gongsunhai and the Nantian bosses who were against their goals. It seemed that there was a peculiar light in the passage. The cause of the dizziness.What might be the treasure.Shanghai guessed that it swept forward immediately, and after traveling a certain distance, special halos surged in. As these halos entered the body, the body felt like being washed. Shanghai can be sure that it must be. It is the treasure.Looking along the direction of the halo, I saw four drops of liquid with three-color luster hovering in the channel. They slowly surrounded, releasing a strange halo. In each drop of special liquid, It contains endless special patterns.Good fortune fairy liquid… Is this the good fortune fairy liquid? The heart of Shanghai slammed. In the inheritance of the quasi god emperor, there were also talks about the good fortune celestial liquid. It’s not clear what kind of magical things are.But if the quasi god emperor can say this, this good fortune fairy liquid is absolutely extraordinary.Immediately!Shanghai is going to collect it.suddenly!Boom…There was a violent sound behind him, and only a figure swept in. This man had a hideous face, blue eyes, and his eyes fixed on Shanghai…It wasn\’t the Nantian Boss, who it was, he was crushed at this moment. With ten inverse patterns, the forces that were transformed have absorbed all the forces of the laws that have fallen.Chapter 1220


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