When it comes to \”walking together for such a long time\”, Shangguan Po\’s handsome and feminine face reddened rarely. He said to follow Jane Xi, so he was a little embarrassed at this time. Although others said it vaguely, the meaning was clear, just leaving them some face.

hold head high……The gate of the palace suddenly opened, and a refreshing fragrance came to the nose. Two rows of beautiful female disciples dressed in sword feather robes stood on both sides.I have seen Master Taishi! A group of female disciples hurriedly bowed slightly and saluted.This… Shanghai was slightly startled, his eyes turned to Elder Tu.This is the arrangement of the deacon elder. Of course, if Lin Taishi doesn\’t like it, then I will let them retreat. After speaking, Elder Tu waved his sleeves, and the female disciples owed a little, and then turned back. Leaving the hall.Sen Luo circled around in the hall, and his mouth shook from time to time. This palace was full of various sword marks left by the predecessors of Ancient Xuanzong. It\’s a treasure, of course, it\’s also very useful for other cultivators.Subsequently, the two elders of Shanghai and Tu found two in the main hall.At the futon, they chatted with each other. At first they were just chatting. As they talked more and more, they gradually entered the subject. Naturally, it was about the Taishi god pattern. Shanghai would naturally not be stingy about it. Those who could realize it were told to Elder Tu.certainly!After all, personal experience is personal, even if you tell it, others can\’t get it, you can only get a little insight from it.However, what Shanghai is telling is the realization of Taishi\’s divine pattern. For Elder Tu, it is extremely rare. Although there are not many insights, there is only a trace, but it also makes him excited. Don\’t underestimate such a trace. If he is to understand Taishi Shenwen in the future, maybe the slightest insight will enable him to experience something and break through his own shackles.Haha! Lin Taishi, thank you so much today. Elder Tu smiled heartily, which was grateful from the heart.You\’re welcome.Shanghai arched his hand, and immediately couldn\’t help but say: \”Elder Tu has been in the ancient Xuanzong for thousands of years, should he be very familiar with the clan?\”That\’s natural. There is no one I don\’t know about the clan going up and down. Elder Tu smiled.I want to inquire about two people from Elder Tu.Having said this, Shanghai went on to say: \”It was asked by a friend of mine to say that he had two fathers who had been to Ancient Xuanzong. I wonder if he is still in the clan now.\”Oh? Do you have the appearance of those two? Elder Tu said.Have!When Shanghai\’s mind moved, Gang Consciousness turned into a mark, and fell in front of Elder Tu. As the mark shattered, two figures slowly emerged. These two people were the couples of the spirit generals and ministers.


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