While taking a bath for Xiao Siyu, Jane Xi used her divine sense to observe those people who were almost full downstairs. There, Jane Xi had already found several monks, and the highest accomplishments had also reached the early stage of the golden elixir.

And here…In an instant!The face of the four-nation alliance powerhouses located in the four-color defensive array became extremely ugly. There were at least more than 100,000 powerhouses in every direction. These numbers add up to at least one million. Among them, there are powerful people at the world-honored level taking the lead.obviously!The decisive battle began.咻咻…Powerful people at the world-sovereign level of the Four-Clan Alliance swept out one after another. The four people headed by were Ling Zhantian, the Phoenix Master of the Phoenix Race, the Lord of the Alien Race, Manblade and Xuanji. These four people were powerful people who reached the level of the Third World Master. In the back, Yue Shan and others at the pinnacle of the Second World Zun.With the emergence of the top powerhouses, the morale of the powerhouses of the four races alliance increased immediately. What is their only support? These remaining top powerhouses and the four great guardian sacred beasts. These are their hopes for perseverance. .Powerful men at the four great and three worldly-honored levels stand in the air, with a majestic and vast momentum, colliding with the void and the earth. Around them, the space has long been completely shattered, because they simply cannot withstand the power of these four people.The powerful men of the hundreds of small worlds that surrounded them stopped when they were still thousands of miles away from the top of the mountain, and then six figures rushed out. These people have different costumes, but the aura that burst out all over them is so People were shocked, and he was also a powerhouse at the level of the Third World Lord.Seeing these six people, the eyes of Ling Zhantian and others shrank suddenly, because it was not the first time they fought each other. In the past ten years, I don’t know how many times they have fought each other. If the difference in strength between them is not very large, it is basically difficult to kill the strong at the same level, and it requires a certain amount of opportunity and luck.Ling Zhantian, we meet again. The headed third world respect said loudly.It\’s you again, Mo Xu, stop talking nonsense, this time the old man will cut you under the god tiger bone knife. Ling Zhantian horizontally raised his hand, and the god tiger bone knife in his hand buzzed, one after another tyrannical. The white mansions of the circling around the top.I hope you have this opportunity. The Third World Venerable named Mo Xu said indifferently.Not only were the two of Ling Zhantian staring at each other, the other top powerhouses of the three world veterans were also staring at each other, staring at each other stubbornly.In an instant!There is a heavy atmosphere between the two armies, and the killing intent on both sides is condensing, because the aura of the two sides is too terrifying, resulting in dense electric lights appearing in the middle, creaking, and getting bigger and bigger, and Killing intent and momentum are also rising sharply.kill!With a wave of Moxu\’s big hand, the million strongThe void was completely shattered, the world was trembling violently, and the large number of enchantments and large formations laid out where the millions of army passed by, shattered one after another.


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