Jane Xi didn\’t release the little hurricane leopard, but released her two favorite veterans, the God of war and Xiao. As soon as the two animals saw Jane Xi, they immediately rushed over, scared Jane Xi to \”stop\”, stopped the two animals from taking half of their steps, and gave Jane Xi a pair of extremely resentful eyes.

Divine Law roared with endless resentment. With this roar, the body of the god swayed slightly, and a puff of blood poured out, and there was a slight crack in the body of the god. It was because of the extreme qi that hurt. origin.After gritting his teeth, Shenfa swallowed this mouthful against the blood. He couldn\’t vomit. Once he vomited, the injury of the origin would be more serious.Shanghai, you destroy all the younger generations of strong men in the battlefield of the gods of my True Underworld, and you have made me extremely angry to the origin of the gods. My god swears that you will be broken into thousands of pieces…Divine Law roared again and again, if it weren\’t because the gods couldn\’t enter the battlefield of gods, he really wanted to step inside and kill Shanghai.Master! A dark shadow emerged.What\’s the matter? Divine Law curbed his anger a little.There was news from Tianchayingdi, saying that the target we gave to Shanghai was insufficient. As a result, Tianchayingdi lost one silver medal killer and fifteen bronze killers, so Tianchayingdi asked us to pay five times more. The previous treasure.What? Tianchayingdi wants us to pay? The anger on Shenfa\’s face disappeared, replaced by an extremely ugly look.Yes! Tiancha Yingdi has already spoken, if we don\’t pay… Heiying said slowly.What about not paying? Does Tianchayingdi want to deceive people too much? They are not capable enough to kill Shanghai. I haven\’t asked them to pay for it. They asked me to pay for it? Is that reasonable? Do you really think that we are really afraid of the Protoss? Kill them? Shenfa roared.puff……Nixue couldn\’t help it anymore, the magical technique spurted out on the spot, and the silver gods\’ blood splashed on the ground, piercing the earth, and a bigger crack appeared in the origin of the gods in the body.Seeing that the scars of the origin were getting bigger, his eyes were about to spit out the magic of anger, and quickly suppressed it.Master, Tianshayingdi has existed for tens of thousands of years, and the background is particularly terrifying. Now is not the time to head-on… Moreover, Tianshayingdi said that as long as Shanghai walks out of the battlefield of gods, they will definitely remove it at any cost. Drop. The shadow said slowly.Get rid of Shanghai? Shenfa\’s chest was violently ups and downs, and his eyes flashed with gloomy colors, \”Tianshayingdi has already failed once, how can I trust them again, okay, pay, we pay them, and I will let them They spit it out a hundred times.\”Master, how should this son in Shanghai deal with it? According to the information received, he seems to have reached the level of the Fourth World Zun\’s reincarnation, and his physique is comparable to that of the ancient gods and demons. If he continues to grow, the consequences will be unimaginable. The shadow said solemnly.You are right, he must die, and he can no longer continue to grow, otherwise…the consequences will be disastrous…When Shenfa talked about this, I suddenly remembered something, his eyes flickered for a moment of hesitation, and then he showed determination again, because the hatred in his heart had reached the extreme, he could not continue to wait like this, Shanghai\’s growth was too fast NS.Black slave, is the treasure in the clan still in the innermost treasury? Shenfa said in a deep voice.Master, do you want to use it? This thing was obtained by the first generation of clan masters. It can only be used three times. Now there is only one time left. You can only step into the battlefield of the gods once at most… and you have become a god, master, If you want to enter, unless you match it with the clan… The voice of the black shadow named Negro appeared with a hint of surprise.


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