The girl threw off the quilt and went down without shoes. She walked towards the boy step by step, bent down and pulled up the boy\’s hair in a bun, forcing the boy\’s face to lift up, and the red light in her eyes was full. At this time, a Reiki hand that was a circle larger than the normal palm suddenly patted the girl\’s back neck, and the girl fell soft on the ground, The red light in her eyes gradually went out, but the big black net in her brain became more dense.

puff……A big mouthful of blood spurted out, and the whole body was burnt to pieces, and the surrounding golden flames were still unable to be suppressed. Although in terms of power, the Burning Heaven and Wilderness Patterns refined in Shanghai were worse, but it was also a real elementary Wilderness. Wen, in the ancient times, was enough for many ancient gods to compete.What the hell is this… Divine Law roared again and again, constantly suppressing the Burning Heaven and Huangwen Pattern with divine power.Shanghai, which suffered a severe body damage, escaped the fatal catastrophe and retreated to the distance. The ancient demon regenerated and regenerated. The broken body slowly recovered. His eyes were staring at the Burning Heaven and Wilderness Pattern, and my heart sighed secretly. The words on dealing with the divine and supernatural cultivation contained all the powerful Burning Heaven and Wild Wounds, enough to drink a pot of divine law.soon!Shanghai\’s body has completely recovered, but the consumption is too large, and he can only constantly take out the best god source, crush it, and recover as much as possible.As for the area where the magic is located, because it constantly bursts out of the power of the gods, the void continues to burst, and all the ruins are turned into fly ashes, and it has become a forbidden area.boom……Thousands of miles turned into ashes, the golden flames disappeared, and the embarrassed divine method stood high in the sky, a blood spurted out, piercing the earth, his face turned pale and his figure shook.Uncertainty, he was injured, and the injury is not light.Shanghai……God’s eyes were splitting, and his hatred for Shanghai had reached its extreme. If he didn’t kill Shanghai, he would not be able to quell the hatred in his heart. It was enough to be wounded several times. This time he was hit hard, if not. If he tried his best to suppress it, he almost killed him.After squinting his eyes, Shanghai took a deep breath.Die to me…An angry divine method, Hengkong slapped down with a palm, covering the sky with a giant hand, instantly crushing a hundred thousand miles of void, and the ruins of the temple below were all crushed to pieces.This is a mortal blow. Although Shanghai\’s body has recovered, his consumption is so great that he can\’t avoid and resist it at all. Even if he hides, where can he hide?Magic!There was a big shout from the void, and I saw countless black qi bursting out of the sky, turning into a big black hand, and slammed into the giant hand that covered the sky. The two big hands slammed into the sky. It was about to shatter, and I saw an extremely handsome face transformed into the black energy, and it was the young master Tun Xi who had been killed a long time ago.You didn\’t even die… Divine Magic\’s face was shocked.Just because you want to kill me? Young Master Tun Xi smiled coldly, and the black giant hand slapped fiercely, causing the magic to retreat again and again.


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