provocative……Shanghai felt the provocation contained in the other party\’s smile, and immediately narrowed his eyes, and felt that something was not quite right. He and the other party did not know each other. Why did he provoke himself at this moment? And just broke his own wonderland.Although puzzled, Shanghai still looked back. He was not afraid of the opponent\’s provocation. If this person dared to take action, he would never make the other person feel!Shenlong also retracted his gaze.It\’s still a bit courageous, I hope you don\’t let me down. Shenlong\’s mouth swept across a radian.Brother Long, will that kid shrink back… a kid next to him couldn\’t help but worry.He is afraid that after being provoked by Shenlong, Shanghai will withdraw from this assessment. You must know that they have spent a lot of money, just for this assessment.He won\’t. Shenlong said.Although it was only the first time I saw Shanghai, Shenlong could still tell that this person was quite determined in mind. These characters are quite similar to the guys like Demon Blade. The guy who is looking back, so he is sure that Shanghai will not give up this attendant assessment.An hour passed quickly.呲…The space on the top of the city lord’s mansion was slowly torn apart, and a portal was formed under the flashing of various colors of electric light. At the same time, two rows of Xuan Clan guards rose in the sky, each holding one in his hand. Beads, the light contained in each bead is quite peculiar, some are like water, some are like fire, and some are like heavy rocks…A total of twelve beads, all shot towards the portal under the wave of the Xuan Clan guards.Bang…The portal set off waves of light and air, which quickly spread out, covering the entire city lord’s mansion. In an instant, a kind of extreme pressure emerged in everyone’s body, and this pressure seemed to be pressing on the chest. It\’s like a huge boulder.Many strong faces turned pale, and some even swayed slightly and almost fell to the ground.suddenly!A general wearing a bi-colored ancient armor suddenly appeared at the portal. With his wave of his hand, the portal burst out with endless rays of light. A hundred steps appeared in the void, and each step contained a lot of complicated patterns. , These lines are extremely peculiar.Those who follow the stairs and enter the portal are eligible to participate in the second round. If they can\’t make it, they will be eliminated. The Xuan Clan general has a strong voice, his eyes are not angry and prestigious. The Supreme Lord, and still controls the mood of reincarnation.


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